Saturday 30 May 2015

Inq28 - Plans are afoot.

Night and day off from the Militia due to 'real life' and the FA Cup being on telly this evening (should be 3 o'clock kick off but that's TV power for you) so I thought I’d do a post about what I am planning for the Inq28 warbands.

I say Inq28 but I may do Inqmunda instead, basically a small skirmish warband type affair. There are a few systems out there now and until I browse through them all I don’t know which I will use to put the warband together. However as this is mainly a means to build a warband I like the look of which route I go down isn't really important as the models will end up looking the same either way.

I have wanted to do something like this for a while, especially since I picked up the Zone Mortalis boards which will provide an excellent setting to fight over and the number of blogs that I currently follow covering this aspect of the hobby.

Now I've got an idea to put the Forge World Show Only figs I have knocking around as the models to base these warbands around. Be nice to put some of these excellent models to use.

I say the plural of warband because I want to do two, each sitting at on one end of the spectrum. One with the protection of the Imperium at its core, and the other with the polar opposite outlook.

Now, what I do lack in the Show Only figure collection are some suitable Inquisitor models, which you would think would be a problem when putting together some Inquisitor warbands. However this lack won’t be a problem as I have decided to not do warbands set in the 40k universe, instead these motley crews will be plying their trade during the Heresy.

Both warbands will have a Legionary leading them. In the case of the Loyalists we’ll have one of the Sigillite’s proto-Inquisitors taking centre stage while for the Traitors an Alpha Legionary raising rebellion.

So using models I currently have (or should have soon) the bands are so far looking like this:


I see this warband fulfilling a number of possible roles. One would be as an envoy of the Sigillite, bringing the Imperial presence to those who may be wavering in their loyalties and showing them they have not been forgotten and so on. On the other hand they will also be a kill team to take out those who don’t take on board the message that was being delivered.

Boarding Marine

I originally thought about using the Heavy Bolter armed Marine (below) I have but that seemed a bit too much overkill for a small kill team, plus having the unit leader sitting back with a heavy weapon didn't seem appropriate.

The alternative leader.
Even the smallest team needs a member to get them through the Warp. I envision the team only having a small cutter like craft, gets them where they need to be with speed and unnoticed.

Enforcer and Doggy
The Enforcer represents the word of Imperial Law and that the Imperium brings justice and order.

Krieg Quartermaster
This guy will be an Imperial Army officer, as Krieg weren't really the Krieg we all know and love at the time.

I am thinking that the band could do with a two more members possibly – an astropath and a representative of the Mechanicum. They would add valuable assets to the team and bring something extra visually.


The Traitor band are pretty much a mirror of the Loyalists, fulfilling the same job for the Warmaster.

Alpha Legionary

I did have one of these but ended up selling it, I will have to pick him up at the Open Day. I know a Word Bearer would also be very appropriate but I think I will go down the AL route instead. The motives of the Alpha Legion doing this sort of work I think is more interesting than simply a devoted worshipper of Chaos that a WB would bring. Plus FW do an AL Show Only figure and I do like the idea of including as many of those as possible...

Davinite Priest

This guy provides a number of roles in the group, most notably being able to take the team directly through the Warp without the need for a ship. Either through the same means Erebus does it or something similar. 

At that point I run out of members for the Traitors. I am thinking of doing a couple of the Militia figures to join the warband giving them some mortal followers and cannon fodder. I think a Dark Mechanicum member would be good. Possibly a possessed as well (may go with the Rogue Psyker currently in the Militia force), this guy probably wouldn't be one of the first to be introduced to dignitaries, instead kept in the shadows for when things take a turn for the worse.

So that is my vague plans at the moment.

For no reason other than wanting to I will keep all the members of both warbands to Forge World figures. Just because.

Question is what do people think? Has this got potential and what other team members should I consider (especially for the Traitor force)? 

Thursday 28 May 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 2

Still chipping away at the Infantry.

God I hate building these.

You may notice unlike the last squad which was armed with lasguns these guys are armed with autoguns, this means using FW arms along with the FW torsos. This is a double dose of annoyance and frustration. Lots of filling, things not lining up, different sized pieces and so on. If I hadn't already spent so much time (and let's not forget money) on the army I'd chuck the lot and do a Militia army based on the GW Scions. Or do Krieg.

But anyway. let's be positive. Just past half way point on Infantry Squad A.

To help the squad leader stand out I re-based him on a bit of rock.

Still to finish off for these are a plasma gunner, an icon bearer and six troopers.

They will be made from this lot.

As you can see I have already pulled one guys arm off after spending the best part of an hour trying to get the arms to line up. And broken another up into bits (out of pure petulant annoyance I admit, it was either that or prowl the streets looking for someone to hurt).

By the end of the weekend I want this squad to be finished so I can move onto the next one (may do the HQ Command Squad next before diving into the final Infantry Squad).

I will now publicly apologise to Sheep as these will not be the perfect builds I am sure he was hoping for to paint. I am however sure however that regardless of my lack of building skills the final result will be excellent.

In other news I am thinking of putting together an Inq28 warband...

Marine with Heavy Bolter, Navigator, Enforcer with doggy & Krieg Quartermaster.

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 1

So here is the first update on the push to get the Militia Infantry built.

My plan is to chip away unit by unit, and here are the first three done...


All six now based. Had to do a little repair work, most notably on the guy below whose weapon had snapped off. I originally tried to get an improvised weapon in place - namely a length of chain but I couldn't open up the hand enough to get one to fit (the risk of breaking the thumb off was too great to open up the hole up more), so in the end I went for a large knife.

Rogue Psykers.

Not much required for these other than cleaning them up and basing them. Decided to use one of the resin bases I cast up an age ago for the one guy.

Infantry Command Squad.

The first twenty man squad is done. Plenty of gap filling required and a little clean up here and there.

The icon got repaired and is back on the pole.

Updated Tracker Sheet...

Next up is another 20 man unit - Infantry Squad A. Alas there is a bit more work involved with those so give me to the end of the week for the next update.

Friday 22 May 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Breaking out the Infantry

I am finally, finally, getting back to sorting the Militia.

As well as clearing out some unwanted bits (see last post) my main priority is getting the infantry knocked into shape and in line with Imperial Armour Vol 13.

The reason for this is that the sooner I get them sorted the sooner I can post them down under to Sheep to paint. He has been itching to make a start for some time now and I don't want to let him down...

So today I got all the infantry out to work out what needs to be done.

It is a lot.

That is all of the infantry laid out into their units.

There is a mixed bunch of things unbuilt, partially built, built but needing the bases done and completely finished.

The bases you see are units that haven't been started yet.

The main reason for doing this is so that I could get an appreciation of what I need to do and also to help me plan out how to tackle it. I've made a chart listing every model and what stage it is at, As I finish a stage I'll cross it off.

The aim to have every box red.

The pics below show what each entry is far better:

The artillery crews (E) are for my Gun Emplacements. I will be using the rules in IA13 for the Artillery Carriages which come with four crew. The only different is I won't be able to move them during a game (which you need a Trojan for anyway which I won't have after selling mine).

You may notice on the chart that the Rough Riders (G above) and Vets/Disciples (H & J below) have an extra box to be filled - one called 'Mould'. This is because I need to do moulds for a number of pieces (most importantly the legs for the RR and carapace armoured torsos for the Vets/Disciples) and cast them up in the numbers I need. Col Gravis of Curious Constructs sculpted the pieces for me.

A number of the infantry may look finished in the squads above, but a lot need finishing off (pouches etc), repairs or weapon changes due to now using the IA13 list.

My plan is to take them on unit by unit and get each one finished in turn, rather than getting distracted and jumping from one thing to another.

I am also thinking about getting the 'easy' units done first and getting them sent to Sheep first, he can then make a start on those as he is able to it them in giving me time to get the trickier units (Vets, Rough Riders, Ogryn) sorted.

So with that I am going to start the first units this weekend, namely the HQ units (A, B, C).

Fingers crossed for an update showing them finished this Monday...

Thursday 21 May 2015

Recalcitrant Daze - bit of a clear out.

Currently in no state to work on any models, so instead I fell back on my default setting of sorting and tidying.

In the process I picked out some things to get rid off on ebay. Clear a bit of space and raise some funds which will no doubt be spent at the Forge World Open Day.

Before they go on ebay I thought I would should them on here first in case anyone wanted to jump the gun (and save me the hassle of listing them).

Forge World Hades Assault Drill:

Built and you can see.

Forge World Atlas Recovery Vehicle:

There was an undercoated dozer blade with it but I can't find it, hence the new one chucked in with it.

It is the FW kit with a shed load of stowage and gear added.

Converted Trojan:

This is a Trojan converted from a Chimera and using a scale model crane and a load of scale model stowage.

I think those are the only items worth mentioning. If anyone is interested drop me an email (see Items for Sale and Commissions Page)

Monday 18 May 2015

Warhammer World Opening - Stuff I Bought...Tempest and Resin.

So the final, final, post about the Warhammer World Grand Opening.

Naturally I spent some money. Quite a lot, thankfully the majority for other people so I'm not at risk of losing the house.

I picked up...

Horus Heresy V - Tempest

The Warhammer World exclusive HH anthology, Meduson:

In resin we have the Event Only Princeps plus the last pieces for my Death Guard - Mk. IV shoulder pads for the Destroyer unit and some DG heads.

Not shown as they were out of stock I also have this coming...


Big brother to the two Vindis I have for the force.
I've had a flick through Tempest, lovely book as expected.

The Militia list looks very interesting, like the Renegade list in IA13 it has lots of options and many possibilities that can be explored.

I will be sticking with IA13 for my Militia, though I am sure when I want to play a really big game I will be able to easily re-jig them to fight alongside the Death Guard.

If you have any questions regarding Tempest ask them in the comments and i'll try and answer what ever I can.

Sunday 17 May 2015

Warhammer World Re-opening - Exhibitions (Part 3)

The final display.

The big bugger.

7. The Ultramarines Chapter v Khorne Deamonkin

Due to the bright, continually changing lighting getting pictures was at times difficult. To make some easier to view i've converted them to black and white...

If in doubt the best way to take out a Warhound is to twat it with a Drop Pod...

Bloodletters, a lot of Bloodletters.

And that is that.

I'm off to start looking through HH Book V - Tempest. Nice.