Saturday, 30 May 2015

Inq28 - Plans are afoot.

Night and day off from the Militia due to 'real life' and the FA Cup being on telly this evening (should be 3 o'clock kick off but that's TV power for you) so I thought I’d do a post about what I am planning for the Inq28 warbands.

I say Inq28 but I may do Inqmunda instead, basically a small skirmish warband type affair. There are a few systems out there now and until I browse through them all I don’t know which I will use to put the warband together. However as this is mainly a means to build a warband I like the look of which route I go down isn't really important as the models will end up looking the same either way.

I have wanted to do something like this for a while, especially since I picked up the Zone Mortalis boards which will provide an excellent setting to fight over and the number of blogs that I currently follow covering this aspect of the hobby.

Now I've got an idea to put the Forge World Show Only figs I have knocking around as the models to base these warbands around. Be nice to put some of these excellent models to use.

I say the plural of warband because I want to do two, each sitting at on one end of the spectrum. One with the protection of the Imperium at its core, and the other with the polar opposite outlook.

Now, what I do lack in the Show Only figure collection are some suitable Inquisitor models, which you would think would be a problem when putting together some Inquisitor warbands. However this lack won’t be a problem as I have decided to not do warbands set in the 40k universe, instead these motley crews will be plying their trade during the Heresy.

Both warbands will have a Legionary leading them. In the case of the Loyalists we’ll have one of the Sigillite’s proto-Inquisitors taking centre stage while for the Traitors an Alpha Legionary raising rebellion.

So using models I currently have (or should have soon) the bands are so far looking like this:


I see this warband fulfilling a number of possible roles. One would be as an envoy of the Sigillite, bringing the Imperial presence to those who may be wavering in their loyalties and showing them they have not been forgotten and so on. On the other hand they will also be a kill team to take out those who don’t take on board the message that was being delivered.

Boarding Marine

I originally thought about using the Heavy Bolter armed Marine (below) I have but that seemed a bit too much overkill for a small kill team, plus having the unit leader sitting back with a heavy weapon didn't seem appropriate.

The alternative leader.
Even the smallest team needs a member to get them through the Warp. I envision the team only having a small cutter like craft, gets them where they need to be with speed and unnoticed.

Enforcer and Doggy
The Enforcer represents the word of Imperial Law and that the Imperium brings justice and order.

Krieg Quartermaster
This guy will be an Imperial Army officer, as Krieg weren't really the Krieg we all know and love at the time.

I am thinking that the band could do with a two more members possibly – an astropath and a representative of the Mechanicum. They would add valuable assets to the team and bring something extra visually.


The Traitor band are pretty much a mirror of the Loyalists, fulfilling the same job for the Warmaster.

Alpha Legionary

I did have one of these but ended up selling it, I will have to pick him up at the Open Day. I know a Word Bearer would also be very appropriate but I think I will go down the AL route instead. The motives of the Alpha Legion doing this sort of work I think is more interesting than simply a devoted worshipper of Chaos that a WB would bring. Plus FW do an AL Show Only figure and I do like the idea of including as many of those as possible...

Davinite Priest

This guy provides a number of roles in the group, most notably being able to take the team directly through the Warp without the need for a ship. Either through the same means Erebus does it or something similar. 

At that point I run out of members for the Traitors. I am thinking of doing a couple of the Militia figures to join the warband giving them some mortal followers and cannon fodder. I think a Dark Mechanicum member would be good. Possibly a possessed as well (may go with the Rogue Psyker currently in the Militia force), this guy probably wouldn't be one of the first to be introduced to dignitaries, instead kept in the shadows for when things take a turn for the worse.

So that is my vague plans at the moment.

For no reason other than wanting to I will keep all the members of both warbands to Forge World figures. Just because.

Question is what do people think? Has this got potential and what other team members should I consider (especially for the Traitor force)? 


  1. I like it, I'm assuming due to the FW limited nature of the models that there will be no conversion work? Just paint (maybe).

    1. Probably only do convertions when I need to. I've got my hands on a Myrmidon Secutor which I will convert slightly as it is a bit too over armed for a regular Magos in Inq28.

  2. Did you notice that the boarding marine resin quality is far less then the other models? I got a runt bot from FW and it was one of the worst resin casts I've ever seen from them. Been working if its just a gamesday occurrence, or I just got a bad one.

    1. Mine seems ok. I don't remember having any issues with the Runtbot either, though that was a while ago so I can't say for certain how good it was.


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