Sunday, 17 May 2015

Warhammer World Re-opening - Exhibitions (Part 1)

So I must admit that the new exhibitions at WHW were not my main reason for going - that was definitely Forge World and getting my hands on Tempest.

However the new exhibitions are very, very good. I will be happy to pay to see them again at a later date (the FW Open Day most likely...).

I can't get everything into one post again as there is far too many pictures.

I shall do them in the order that you see them. I've only putting up pictures of the big dioramas, rather than of the other models on display.

1. Warhammer Orcs & Gobbos v Empire Siege.

Just love those huge mobs of Greenskins charging forward.

2. Dwarves c Skaven Underground War.

While this looked great its position in the hall, with lots of lights and cabinets around it made taking pictures a nightmare. Hopefully those I did get still do it justice.

3. Nurgle Sallies Forth.

Loved this one. Seemed to be the favourite of a lot of people, including some of the staff at WHW.

 Love the Nurglings crossing their own little bridge.

4. Istvaan V - Primarch Face Off

This isn't the Istvaan V board that Forge World did, though there are a lot of similarities (unsurprisingly). I think because I am so familiar with the FW version this one didn't it me as much. Being a permanent display it allows for more height etc and larger fortifications, but I think it loses some of the little touches that the FW board had (but that may just be me not spending a lot of time looking at it).

5. Space Wolves v Nids.

Again didn't take many pictures of this board, in this case it was due to having taken many, many pictures of it previously as this used to be in the old exhibition area at WHW. It has been updated and tweaked (I assume mainly adding new models that have been released since it was first done). Without spending an age studying old pictures I can't list what has changed (feel free to play spot the difference if you want).

Here ends Part 1...

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