Monday, 18 May 2015

Warhammer World Opening - Stuff I Bought...Tempest and Resin.

So the final, final, post about the Warhammer World Grand Opening.

Naturally I spent some money. Quite a lot, thankfully the majority for other people so I'm not at risk of losing the house.

I picked up...

Horus Heresy V - Tempest

The Warhammer World exclusive HH anthology, Meduson:

In resin we have the Event Only Princeps plus the last pieces for my Death Guard - Mk. IV shoulder pads for the Destroyer unit and some DG heads.

Not shown as they were out of stock I also have this coming...


Big brother to the two Vindis I have for the force.
I've had a flick through Tempest, lovely book as expected.

The Militia list looks very interesting, like the Renegade list in IA13 it has lots of options and many possibilities that can be explored.

I will be sticking with IA13 for my Militia, though I am sure when I want to play a really big game I will be able to easily re-jig them to fight alongside the Death Guard.

If you have any questions regarding Tempest ask them in the comments and i'll try and answer what ever I can.


  1. two questions ... do titans (warlord at least) have ceramite plating or access to the option ... same goes for lance

    1. Only the Warlord comes with Armoured Ceramite, the other two don't have the option.

      Nothing I can see regarding Lance, though the Warlord does have Reinforced Structure giving it a 5+ Inv save.

      All of them are harder to take down in close combat now being immune to Haywire and the Reaver and Warlord are harder to hit.

  2. Surprised you didn't take the warlord home with you :)

    1. Nah, Imperial. I'm Chaos through and through.

  3. My question is in regards to the chaos militia for the wordbearers. As I play word bearers with over 200 cultist type models using chaos renegades for rules I am just curious how the armies play together and if the two lists are more linked together than IA 13 renegades are to modern CSM?

    1. There is no Legion presence in the Militia army, they aren't any more linked to 30K Legions Marines than the Renegades are to 40k CSM.

      The list works in a similar fashion to the IA13 list, giving the Force Commander up to two 'Provences' which can effect the make up of the force and give some units new options. It also changes the Allies matrix. If you take them down the traitor route they won't have as much of a 'Chaos' feel as the Renegades list though there is still plenty of opportunities to show their dark nature.


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