Thursday, 21 May 2015

Recalcitrant Daze - bit of a clear out.

Currently in no state to work on any models, so instead I fell back on my default setting of sorting and tidying.

In the process I picked out some things to get rid off on ebay. Clear a bit of space and raise some funds which will no doubt be spent at the Forge World Open Day.

Before they go on ebay I thought I would should them on here first in case anyone wanted to jump the gun (and save me the hassle of listing them).

Forge World Hades Assault Drill:

Built and you can see.

Forge World Atlas Recovery Vehicle:

There was an undercoated dozer blade with it but I can't find it, hence the new one chucked in with it.

It is the FW kit with a shed load of stowage and gear added.

Converted Trojan:

This is a Trojan converted from a Chimera and using a scale model crane and a load of scale model stowage.

I think those are the only items worth mentioning. If anyone is interested drop me an email (see Items for Sale and Commissions Page)

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