Thursday 23 April 2015

Ork Zone Mortalis Force - Killa Kans 1

Killa Kans are under way.

Like the Dreads much of the work on these were done some time ago.

What was lacking was the power plants. So along with re-basing them all I need to give each one a power plant/engine.

Here are the first three, the Rokkit and Skorcha armed ones.

As usual the weapons are all removable, both to give options down the line and for weapon destroyed results.

This one is my favourite still, I just love his high kicking pose. For his power pack I went for a big battery, looted from a Predator tank.

Not so keen on the engine of this one, bit bland.

The last one I did, like the end result. Looks nicely different being curved. The exhausts are carved from a Dread exhaust stack.

As with the Dreads they are all only temporarily glued to the bases. I need to add a few more details to the bases and eventually the Kans and bases will be painted separately.

Three more Kans to go.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Ork Zone Mortalis Force - Deff Dreads

My Deff Dreads were built some time ago when I planned to do a full 40k Ork Army.

All I have had to do is re-base them on the ZM bases...

I replaced the power plants on all three. I also removed anything I didn't like and made them as individual as possible. All of the arms are magnetised.

Now these are for Zone Mortalis I may make some more Skorcha arms so that if need be all three can be fielded with one Skorcha.

I plan to add some more bits to the bases - damage, wreckage, grots etc.

Unfortunately I can only field two of these in the 1000 point ZM army. I am going to keep all three though as I am sure there will be occasions where I can field a bigger force.

To see more pictures of the Dreads, including WIP and close up click here.

Next up finishing off the Killa Kans and getting them based.

Sunday 19 April 2015

Ork Zone Mortalis Force - Meganobs 2

Bit more work on the Meganobz.

Most of the time was filling in the joins, mainly around the groins. Which was nice.

I had the 50mm bases arrive so I did a couple of casts and rebased the Warlord on one of those.

As you can see I added the Attack Squig. His name is Squiggles.

As you can see Squiggles is quite enthusiastic and his chain which kept him in check has broken, scattering bits all over.

All of the Meganobz are ow glued to their bases, this is just temporary as the plan will be to paint the bases and Nobz separate from each other.

All of the weapons remain unglued, very nice aspect of the kit is that the weapons fit very snugly so there is no need to glue them to keep them in place, allows you to swap things around at a later date. I will make up some extra weapons and paint them with the others to give me a few options later on.

Next up will be the walkers of this little force.

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Ork Zone Mortalis Force - Meganobs 1

As mentioned a number of times I am putting together an Ork force for Zone Mortalis.

I've had some Dredds and Kans kicking around for a while (more on those in a later post, though you can see them if you look at the tags below right) but I didn't want to do a force until I had either plastic Meganobs from GW or resin ones from FW. I'd rather have had the latter but I have no complaints about the GW kit, it is very nice with lots of bits in it.

I picked up three boxes and the plan is for seven regular Nobz with the remaining two figures becoming a Big Mek and a Warboss.

While I don't have an issue with the models the rules are a little naff for Meganobz, you would have thought being the elite and wealthiest of Nobz in an Ork warband they would have more toys to play with but alas they have very few options in the army list.

When it came to picking a klan for my force I went back to my roots. While I have dabbled with the thought of Blood Axes and Death Skulls I felt a force of all Meganobs and Walkers just screamed Goffs. So this lot will be sporting a very fashionable black eventually.

Here are the seven regular grunts:

To fit in with my already built Kans and Dredds I went over every piece roughing up the edges of plates etc. This takes a bit of time but worth it in the end.

I didn't want bosspoles on them all (too many points and not worth it) but I cut down bosspoles so each one had something on the back to fill the space in,

The guy on the far right has twin Killsaws. My original plan was to have two guys with these but I just couldn't afford another 10 points for a second set. Annoyingly you can't upgrade a klaw to a killsaw, only swap both weapons for a set. I don't see why this would be an issue - surely a five point upgrade would have been fine just to give a Nob Armourbane? And more importantly bring some more variety into the unit you can field.

The one MAN with a Bosspole is the leader of the unit. Who at this moment is nameless, so we shall refer to him as Bob for now. I used the masked/horned head for Bob, I also use it on the warboss (see below) as I do think it gives more of a 'boss' feel.

I have left off the iron gobs as I can see it would make it a right pain to paint the heads if they were glued in place. I have built them and I tried to make each one a little different.

After the MANs we have the Big Mek.

Who using the name generator in 'Ere We Go is called Mek Gorsnik.

Not decided yet if he will get a mask or an iron gob. I did cut the Spanner from a mask and mount it on his chest, seemed appropriate. The banner is from the regular Nobs kit I think? Or maybe the Burna kit. An Ork kit of some name anyway. To be frank I would rather he didn't have the Kustum Mega Blasta, but that it what he comes with and you don't have the option to change it (except by paying more points - for a 'weaker' weapon). As he is stuck with a gun that only fires one shot a turn I thought I better give him a Gitfinda so he has a chance of hitting something once in a while.

The only real role for Gorsnik on the battlefield will be to do repairs on the Dredds and Kans, to keep them mobile and shootin'. As such I gave him the Fixer Upperz upgrade to increase the chance of doing repairs. I did think of adding some bionic type arms to represent this, but it didn't look right so in the end I went a different way.

Basically while Gorsnik goes on about how great he is at fixin' things his assistant, Bodgit, just get's on and fixes the things that actually need fixing and thus getting the armour back up and running and increasing Gorsnik's reputation as a genius Mekaniak.

The final member of the team is the Warboss.

Again looking to 'Ere We Go he has the name of Skatgut Grimwort (a boss should have a double name I think).

I wanted him to be a little bigger than the rest, being the boss and all, so I increased his height by 2mm. Pain in the arse job and the end result is that you don't notice the difference. Awesome.

Still WIP so the arms are only blu tac'd on at the moment.

As well as increasing his height I gave him a new Goff centric banner pole (just for show, no rules) and removed the blade on his gun with a Choppa blade (again just for show). He got a couple of extra armour plates.

I mentioned the head is the same as used on another figure, but this guy got bigger horns and a top spike.

Frustratingly what I would really like is to give my warboss, the best guy to have in an assault, two close combat weapons so he can tear anything up. Unfortunately GW design studio never thought that would be something an Ork Warboss would like. As such he is stuck with a gun and one CCW. I can't even upgrade the Klaw to a Killsaw.

He is getting an Attack Squig at least. But I have decided he needs a bigger base to fit Squiggy on so I've ordered some 50mm bases. I may use one on the Big Mek as well.

All of the above still need some work, namely GS filling of gaps and the odd detail I may add including to the bases. But the backbone of the built is pretty much done. I will temporarily glue them onto their bases so they can be used in games but eventually I will paint the bases separate for ease so I don't want to fix them in place too securely.

Quite a wordy update.

Doesn't seem appropriate for one about Orks.

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Recalcitrant Daze - New Blogs to Browse.

I am currently off work ill, which has meant I've been able to get on with the Meganobz for the Zone Mortalis force - expect an update on those shortly.

In the meantime I thought I would do a quick post to highlight a few new blogs I am now following and enjoying.

Feed Your Nerd - Originally came across this blog due to the excellent Adepticon coverage it had.

Hobby Before I Die - A blog covering a nice range of gaming systems from 40k to Dark Future to X-Wing.

Tale of Painters - Hardly a site that needs advertising as it is already a huge site with many followers, but for some reason only now have I started looking at it...

The Pig's Sty - Have I shown this one before? I can't remember (I lose track of these things easily), either way a place well worth visiting (especially as AI is about to start making an appearance...). 

I think those are the latest ones to catch my eye and I've started following.

Like I said I do lose track very quickly so there may be one or two more that I now follow that I've not posted up. I may catch them the next time.

In other news the Junka was posted Saturday. In the future there will hopefully be a follow up post and the buyer is planning to send me some pictures once it is painted up. Looking forward to seeing that.

Tomorrow or Thursday should see the first update on the Ork ZM force with the Meganobz coming together.

Sunday 12 April 2015

6mm Terrain from Gregster's Lab

Back in November last year I went in on an Indiegogo campaign run by Gregster's Lab for some 6mm terrain.

I had not bought anything from the company before but the look of the 3D models and initial prints looked very promising.

By the end of the campaign there was three systems you could go in for:
Bunker System
Sigma Star Systems Walled Compound
Grey Dark Industries Research Centre.

I decided to go in for the Sigma Star System and Grey Dark Industries. The Bunker system didn't quite do it for me and I thought the other two fitted 40k far more. My plan was to use these for Aeronautica Imperialis and Epic (eventually).

This weekend the bits turned up...

Grey Dark Industries Research Centre:

Above are the corridor and building pieces. The design is Gothic enough to fit into the Imperial aesthetic. In hindsight I wish I had gone in for more of the larger corridor sections. Also in the pitcure above are the two bunkers with weapon options.

Second picture shows the smaller weapons which can be added to the system, though I'm not sure I will bother with those after all. Also top right is the large building (though it doesn't come with a roof) and bottom right the missile silos...

Better picture of the missile silos with the two different missile options. These will make great objectives to blow up in AI as will the power generator piece which is shown assembled up...

I think this is the only piece with any real quality issue, I think just from it being removed from it's sprue, the clippers might have got a bit close in this case. However this just highlights how good the pieces are overall. Flash is a minimum and the casts are sharp.

I did a quick set up of some pieces:

And a shot showing them alongside a couple of FW pieces and a FW Salamander.

Overall I am very happy with them. Ideally I think the small corridors could be a mm or two taller but otherwise I have no issues.

Sigma Star Systems Walled Compound

The Sigma Star System is basically a Tau terrain set. It reminds me of the Tau board at Warhammer World (which is in no way a bad thing).

Some of the extras I picked up include the bunkers and generators/tower thing to use as objectives (again to blow up).

The separate 'wing' piece can be attached to the walls as shown above.

Again I did a quick set up...

My plan is to make up a few bases but keep the objective pieces separate so they can be placed for each game.

My hat goes off to Greg for running a great Indiegogo campaign, communication was top notch with regular updates and it all seemed to go smoothly (it seemed to from this end anyway, I'm sure for Greg there were some stress behind the scenes).

I have some 6mm building pieces on order, if they are the same quality as these I will be more than happy with them.

Gregster's Lab can be found on Facebook. Also have a look at the Indiegogo campaign for more pictures of the systems above and the Bunker System.

Monday 6 April 2015

Mekboy Junka 35 - And done...

...I hope.

As promised I gave the Junka a quick spray of grey primer to bring everything together and to highlight anything that may need to be done.

As far as I can see there isn't. I added the extra couple of magnets to the SAG turret but otherwise nothing has changed on the Junka since the last time.

So here is the picture dump...

Fingers crossed the customer is happy with it and I can get it boxed up and shipped out...

I admit at times it has been a struggle to get this done, I do these commissions for the joy of building something Orky, but I think I have now reached the limit where it has become more of a chore to get done than something to so because I enjoy doing it.

As such this is going to be the last commission for a while at least. I am going to get some Orks done for myself now (the Zone Mortalis force) and after that I shall be a Green Free zone for the rest of the year at least. My time can go towards my own projects like getting the Militia sorted and the ZM board painted. Oh and the rest of my Nurgle Daemons painted.