Friday, 3 April 2015

Mekboy Junka 34 - Almost there...

So the Junka is on the verge of being finished.

Tomorrow (weather dependant) I want to give it a quick coat of grey primer to bring it all together and help spot anything I may have missed.

Since the last update I've done a few things...

Deff Rolla -

I've glued the Rolla into the one support arm and added a brass pin to the other one. The has made the whole thing much more stable and also allowed the Rolla to be fixed in the one position allowing me to add the spikes.

All those spikes were cut from Kan & Dredd shoulder pads. Quite a lot of them. I have a few more in the post so when they arrive i'll add the last few spikes.

The Junka can be handled easily now without the Rolla moving, it's nice and stable.

Shown below is the Ork Glyph I added to the plain area beside the drivers cab.

Shokk Attack Gun Turret - 

I added the last two arms on the front and also finished the Snotling box on the back.

The Glyphs on the rear are "Runt" for Snotlings (on the left) and "Shokka" the glyph for a Shokk Attack Gun.

And some pictures of the whole vehicle:

Note in the pic above you can see the exhaust on the back has been added. Had to go with that one as the others got hit by the SAG turret as it turns.

And the parts break down like this:


  1. Awesome! Particularly love the force field bubble.

  2. Very impressive result.

    I love the dethrolla with spikes although it must have been a pain to add.

    The SAG turret is incredible in terms of details and the snotling compartment is a nice touch (as well as the ork glyphs). The force field dome seems like a mad scientist's contraption, which fits nicely with a mekboy's mindset.

  3. Brilliant mate, really solid and seamless build

  4. Can't wait to see primer hit this baby!

  5. As always I'm impressed and inspired by your work sir.

  6. Cheers for all the comments.

    I've done a grey coat on most of the pieces, I won't do a post though until I have the extra Kan shoulder pads arrive and I am able to add the last few spikes to the Deff Rolla and give that a coat of grey.

    With it being Easter weekend it means they may not turn up for a few more days yet, so it may be next week I am able to get the last few little bits done and the Deff Rolla coated.