Sunday, 19 April 2015

Ork Zone Mortalis Force - Meganobs 2

Bit more work on the Meganobz.

Most of the time was filling in the joins, mainly around the groins. Which was nice.

I had the 50mm bases arrive so I did a couple of casts and rebased the Warlord on one of those.

As you can see I added the Attack Squig. His name is Squiggles.

As you can see Squiggles is quite enthusiastic and his chain which kept him in check has broken, scattering bits all over.

All of the Meganobz are ow glued to their bases, this is just temporary as the plan will be to paint the bases and Nobz separate from each other.

All of the weapons remain unglued, very nice aspect of the kit is that the weapons fit very snugly so there is no need to glue them to keep them in place, allows you to swap things around at a later date. I will make up some extra weapons and paint them with the others to give me a few options later on.

Next up will be the walkers of this little force.

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  1. Yay squiggles! Great name :). Good idea with the 50mm for the warboss. He should stand out a bit from his other fellows!