Sunday, 12 April 2015

6mm Terrain from Gregster's Lab

Back in November last year I went in on an Indiegogo campaign run by Gregster's Lab for some 6mm terrain.

I had not bought anything from the company before but the look of the 3D models and initial prints looked very promising.

By the end of the campaign there was three systems you could go in for:
Bunker System
Sigma Star Systems Walled Compound
Grey Dark Industries Research Centre.

I decided to go in for the Sigma Star System and Grey Dark Industries. The Bunker system didn't quite do it for me and I thought the other two fitted 40k far more. My plan was to use these for Aeronautica Imperialis and Epic (eventually).

This weekend the bits turned up...

Grey Dark Industries Research Centre:

Above are the corridor and building pieces. The design is Gothic enough to fit into the Imperial aesthetic. In hindsight I wish I had gone in for more of the larger corridor sections. Also in the pitcure above are the two bunkers with weapon options.

Second picture shows the smaller weapons which can be added to the system, though I'm not sure I will bother with those after all. Also top right is the large building (though it doesn't come with a roof) and bottom right the missile silos...

Better picture of the missile silos with the two different missile options. These will make great objectives to blow up in AI as will the power generator piece which is shown assembled up...

I think this is the only piece with any real quality issue, I think just from it being removed from it's sprue, the clippers might have got a bit close in this case. However this just highlights how good the pieces are overall. Flash is a minimum and the casts are sharp.

I did a quick set up of some pieces:

And a shot showing them alongside a couple of FW pieces and a FW Salamander.

Overall I am very happy with them. Ideally I think the small corridors could be a mm or two taller but otherwise I have no issues.

Sigma Star Systems Walled Compound

The Sigma Star System is basically a Tau terrain set. It reminds me of the Tau board at Warhammer World (which is in no way a bad thing).

Some of the extras I picked up include the bunkers and generators/tower thing to use as objectives (again to blow up).

The separate 'wing' piece can be attached to the walls as shown above.

Again I did a quick set up...

My plan is to make up a few bases but keep the objective pieces separate so they can be placed for each game.

My hat goes off to Greg for running a great Indiegogo campaign, communication was top notch with regular updates and it all seemed to go smoothly (it seemed to from this end anyway, I'm sure for Greg there were some stress behind the scenes).

I have some 6mm building pieces on order, if they are the same quality as these I will be more than happy with them.

Gregster's Lab can be found on Facebook. Also have a look at the Indiegogo campaign for more pictures of the systems above and the Bunker System.

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