Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ork Zone Mortalis Force - Deff Dreads

My Deff Dreads were built some time ago when I planned to do a full 40k Ork Army.

All I have had to do is re-base them on the ZM bases...

I replaced the power plants on all three. I also removed anything I didn't like and made them as individual as possible. All of the arms are magnetised.

Now these are for Zone Mortalis I may make some more Skorcha arms so that if need be all three can be fielded with one Skorcha.

I plan to add some more bits to the bases - damage, wreckage, grots etc.

Unfortunately I can only field two of these in the 1000 point ZM army. I am going to keep all three though as I am sure there will be occasions where I can field a bigger force.

To see more pictures of the Dreads, including WIP and close up click here.

Next up finishing off the Killa Kans and getting them based.


  1. The advantage of replacing their engines? The exhaust bits won't CONSTANTLY SNAP OFF!

    Super awesome! these are looking fantastic!

    1. Fair point, didn't know that was an issue with them.