Wednesday 29 June 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Daemon Prince & Decimator

Daemon Prince 3

For the Daemon Prince I mainly have been looking at the base.

As with the other ruins I have done - both as bases and terrain pieces - the 'inside' of the ruin has a raised floor. As I wanted to add some weight to the base due to the precarious and delicate nature of the Prince I glued a couple of coins to the base then built a frame around them with styrene. A top piece of styrene was added as the floor top, it was attacked with a knife before filler was used along the edge.

At this point I also used some GS to fill gaps in the casting and LGS to tidy up the GS on the top.

I also added some coins under the base using spare filler help cement them in place. I now have a weighty base which will hopefully prevent the Daemon Prince being knocked over.

Rubble was added to finish the base off.

I've since glued the left hand to the arm, tomorrow I'll clean this joint up and sort any joints on the body out before tackling the wings.

Decimator 9

Moving onto the Decimator I Dremelled the legs and hips and after adding the knee panels I used GS to further Nurglify the model.. LGS was also used in places to help smooth things over and also to add a different texture here and there.

On the left leg I completely removed the face from the armour plate and knee as I wanted this second Decimator to be a bit different to the first one.

Once I was happy with the legs and hips I glued them all together.

Next for the Decimator will be the main body.

Sunday 26 June 2016

Into The Archives - My Early White Dwarf Reads (Part Five)

When I started this series of posts I had no idea if it would go past the first one, I didn't know if I would bother to do another one or if anyone would give a damn about them. As such I started with the first White Dwarf I bought - #124. However as I mentioned I have older issue that I picked up from GW stores in those early years. I'm left in a quandary, do I continue in chronological order and at the end go back to do these early issues or do I jump back, cover them, then skip forward to continue where I left off?...I am undecided...

But for now...

White Dwarf #128

The August 1990 issue starts with a Heroquest cover piece by Les Edwards. This was actually taken from one of the expansions MB Games put out for the game. I loved Heroquest. It was the first GW game I ever got. The best thing was when they did rules for creating your own missions. Hours of fun with stickers creating board layouts was had.

Last month we had the mammoth article on the Eldar with smaller articles around it, this month we have something similar with a large article dominating the issue wth variety brought in with other smaller articles.

'Eavy Metal.

The main reason for including this page is it shows the Golden Demon winning entry from David Soper - for some reason it wasn't shown in the Golden Demon coverage in the previous White Dwarf.

Something that really stands out for me from these two pages are the Grey Knights. They are nothing like the quite bland scheme they now have. The models themselves have plenty of character to begin with but then we have all that green and the hazard stripes.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Marienburg.

This article is the second half of the Marienburg piece started in WD #126

It is hard to comment on this article without just sounding like a stuck record, I've said several times how much I enjoyed the WFR pieces in White Dwarf. The maps, the small stories and the characters really brought the Old World to life. Will we ever get anything like this depth in Age of Sigmar? I just don't know, I am sure the depth of that setting will grow a lot as more rule books and novels are released. But without things like a Roleplay game you just want get to see these lower, day to day characters and locations being fleshed out.

Above you see one of these characters being brought to life, Hans Kluger, fence, ex-thief, ex-racketeer. You get snippets of his back story and how he came to be where he is in both position and outlook. This includes his father's suspicious death while in the hands of the law and Hans innate suspicion of anyone in authority. You also learn about his cat, Jascha...

"Watch out for that cat of his. It knows more than a cat ought to know, if you take my meaning."

Warhammer 40k Concept Art - Ork Freebooterz.

A double page spread showcasing concept art for Ork Freebooterz, by John Blanche, which came out in the forthcoming months.

I still love that Khorne Stormboy...we were truly in the days of Ork Kulture.

Warhammer 40,000 - New Vehicle Rules

Here is what forms the meat of this issue.

Once upon a time White Dwarf was used to bring in new rules, sometimes this was a radical change. Here the vehicle rules for 40k were completely overhauled and changed for something new.

We have new rules covering movement & turning, boarding and leaving vehicles, close combat, collisions etc.

But the thing which was most noticeable and what took up the majority of the article was the new way of shooting at vehicles and how you do damage.

You can see on the left a basic run down of how you hit a vehicle. The White Dwarf came with a plastic template that you used to target areas on the vehicle you were shooting at. Modifiers (I so wish we still had modifiers in 40k) would effect the dice rolls  you made to see where you actually hit. You then had tables to see what the effect was on the area you hit (if you hit that is). It meant the bigger the vehicle the easier it was to hit. I spent far too long playing around with that template.

Below are just some of the damage tables.

And here are a couple of the vehicle data records. The White Dwarf had a handful of these. More followed later. Keep in mind there weren't many vehicles in 40k at the time. I'm sure if they did something like this now you'd need a hell of a lot of pages.

Warhammer 40,000 - Ork Battlewagon.

First we have couple of really nice Ork Battlewagons using the still new plastic kit.

I had this kit, one of the first GW model kits I ever got (it was a Christmas present along with a Rhino I think). It was awesome. It came with seven(?) Ork Boyz with it and lots of glyph plates and Orky tools. I've still got some bits knocking around from it.

We then have a Modelling Workshop from Mr Forge World himself, Tony Cottrell. Later on we would get more complicated and involved Modelling Workshops (such as the infamous Baneblade), but for now we have a pretty simple conversion to the Battlewagon kit - giving the normally unarmed vehicle some Dakka. Handily a data sheet for the Blitzkanon Battlewagon was included in the data sheets in the new vehicle rules.

Marauder Miniatures - an Oddity.

For a long time we have been used to White Dwarf being a sales catalogue for Citadel models and GW games. Once, in the dim days of the past we had adverts for other companies...of a kind. They were linked to GW in some way generally (though if you go back into earlier White Dwarfs this isn't always the case). For example you might see an advert for the books by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone or the roleplay by phone F.I.S.T (that really did happen) by Steve Jackson.

Here we see models from Marauder Miniatures - the company set up by Trish and Aly Morrison. Exactly how it came about is a bit vague, the two worked in the Citadel studio, left to start their own company but everything seemed to be aimed at GW games filling in gaps in the Citadel line. It was sold through GW. I think later on it was subsumed back into Citadel. But I have no real knowledge on this, just vague memories (and I'm too lazy to google it at the moment, I spent my last reserves of energy looking for F.I.S.T.).

Space Marine - Orks

The latest army to take to the field of Epic combat are the Orks.

Just like the previous articles covering the Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Squats(!) we have the same mix of background material, force organisation and rules plus sample army lists. All backed up by the pages of counters etc ready to be photocopied so you too can spend hours making up imaginary armies...

As you can see in the Army List above the Ork Clan your Warboss is of actually makes a difference to what you can take in your army.

If only the clans meant more than just a colour nowadays...

Oh btw, Mercenary Ogryns and 'Oomies. Yay.

'Eavy Metal - Back Cover.

To finish up we have the back cover. This shows the Nurgle War Altar, previously shown in issue #125. This time it is shown as the centre piece of a Nurgle 'army'. Nowadays that would barely amount to a skirmish force in a GW game.

And there we go, #128.

Thursday 23 June 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Daemon Prince & Decimator

Progress has continued even with the distraction of a constant stream of football on TV.

Ironically tonight no progress is being made due to me having to go to a meeting with work. Frankly too knackered to now do anything.

Daemon Prince 2:

I dremelled out the left hand, completely removing the dead horse. Amazed I didn't break off one of the fingers in the process.

I took a ruin cast and spent an age attacking it with the Dremel, then quite some time adding GS to replace some of the resin I removed, then even more time Dremelling the GS till I could fit the left hand in place.

The GS particularly needs a bit more tidying up yet, but that will get done when I finish the rest of the base off.

The ruin has now been glued to the base and pinned with some rod. I need to add more damage to it and detail the rest of the base.

To get an idea of what this guy looks like in place...

Need to start adding the GS to the body next and sort the wing/body joins.

Decimator 8

Both legs are now all glued in the chosen pose.

I have taken the 80mm base I have for the Leviathan Dread for this one, I'll need to pick up a replacement for that and one for the first Decimator at some point. The Decimator certainly fits an 80mm base better than a 60mm one.

The rights leg has been pinned into place. For now I've added the pin for the left leg but I will get some GS and Dremel work done on the legs before I glue the left leg and hip piece in place.

With the body in place it will look something like this...though I may have him looking to the left instead.

You may notice in the above pics the right leg has no foot.

I wanted to push the Daemon engine vibe a bit more than the first one so inspired by the Plaguebearer with the bloated/diseased leg I decided to do something similar. Still very much WIP.

All for today.

Expect another in the WD series next.

Thursday 16 June 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Daemon Prince & Decimator

With the football on hobby time is limited...

However I found I could make a start on the Daemon Prince and second Decimator. While I couldn't do much I could wash & clean up the resin and start drilling pieces for pins. Also the actual builds have started.

Daemon Prince 1.

I cleaned the pieces up and glued the upper arms in place.

Both arms were pinned in place. The left arm will be the one which all the weight goes though so I also pinned it at the lower position as it touches the body.

The left hand has had the pin added and the left arm has had a hole ready for it. However I won't be fixing it in position until I make the modifications to the hand. Not sure what these will be yet...I need to turn what is left of the horse into something else for him to grasp hold of.

I took the Jabberslythe wings and made few modifications. The long fingers were too long and interfered with each other and just got in the way. So I cut down the middle and lower fingers. I took the ends and pinned them all in place. Will need a bit of GS but not as much as I feared I would.

I've drilled and added brass pins ready to go. To see how it all goes together I've temporarily glued the wings on. I need to make a few adjustments to the pins now I have them in place. I had to glue them as holding two wings in place by hand is impossible and blu-tac just doesn't want to hold the resin.

'Raaaaaargh' or something like that.

Decimator 7

As with the Prince I washed and cleaned up the Decimator pieces.

To decide on a pose I drilled all of the leg and hip pieces and put in 1mm brass rod. Nothing is glued yet but with some blu tac I was able to pose the legs. I can now add a bit of glue to fix it all in position.

This will obviously all get Nurgled up...

I'm thinking of picking up a couple of 80mm bases for the Decimators. The 60mm ones just looks too small for them. Both the Leviathan and Deredeo dreads use 80mm bases and look the better for it.

Sunday 12 June 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Nurglings 4

They are done. Well good enough for me to say they are done. As long as they are mixed in with the others they'll be fine. This army was only ever meant to be table top quality and I'm sticking with that...

So for the first time in quite awhile I was able to update the state of play plan.

As you can see as well as the Nurglings now all going blue I have added the Daemon Prince and also the new Heralds I built now so long ago.

On there I have three things left as PIP - the second Blight Drone, the Plague Drones and Scabby.

Meanwhile I haven't started painting the Plague Hulk or the first Decimator.

I also have the second Decimator to build along with the new Deamon Prince.

If you remember the Heralds are going to be painted by Sheep, so they won't be changing to blue till I get them sent off with the remaining Militia.

While I want to get these done I think I shall mix it up with the Militia. Thinking do a couple of Lascannon bases then work on the Deamons, then back again etc. Hopefully mixing things up will stop me getting bored with either project.

Progress will be made...though Euro '16 has now started...

Friday 10 June 2016

Recalcitrant Daze - Thoughts on Show Only Figures

So it's too hot to paint and I can't be arsed building anything, instead I thought I'd do a pointless and meaningless ramble. I'm not sure where this will go or what course it will take, so shall we strap ourselves in and see where we end up?

Recently we have seen three limited edition models from Forge World appear. The first went on sale at Warhammer Fest, the second has been announced as a limited edition model available in store only and the third will be available at the next Forge World Open Day.

I'm sure everyone has seen them, but if not here they are again:

Above - Warhammer Fest Show Only

Left - Store Only Figure.

Right - Open Day Show Only

You might notice they have something in common, three Marines in Terminator Armour, aimed, but not exclusively so, at Legion forces.

These guys follow the last two Show Only figures which were...

Two Space Marine Characters, aimed, but not exclusively so, at Legion forces.

You know, they aren't bad models. The latest three don't float my boat I admit, but they would all nicely fit into someone's army or display cabinet. I have both of the previous two models with the intention of using them as I like both.

Reaver Princep -
Painted by Sheep
But, I am disappointed. Right from the earliest Show Only figures I have been picking them up before I ever thought to use them for something (in the main Inq28, when I get round to it). But the main reason I bought them was because it was something different and they added to the setting.

In the main they were all something you wouldn't see normally, characters you don't see on the battlefield but they are all there in the background, Some of course would fit straight into an army (either 40k or Fantasy), but the ones I liked the most were the ones that weren't.

Starting with Games Day exclusives which then became Show Only Event Models, we have had (in no particular order)...

Ork Pilot - Also Painted by Sheep
Enforcer and Doggie,
Death Korps Death Rider Commissar,
Death Korps Quartermaster,
Thunderbolt Pilot.
Ork Pilot,
Reaver Titan Princeps,
Titan Princeps Majoris,
Boarding Marine,
Ork Runt Bot,
Davinite Priest,
Minotaurs Marine with Heavy Bolter (Badab War Character),
Ogryn Berserker,
Kroot Bird,

Skin Wolf,
Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith,
Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer,
Empire Warrior Priest,
Chaos Ogre,

Oh and the multi part Epic Grey Knight...

(Check out Limited Edition Warhammer for pics and dates of the above)

All of those were pre-2015.

Up until that point we had a mix of races, game systems and sizes. We had just two Space Marines in the first 10 years of Forge World Games Day/Show Only models.

However since then we have had (or are having) five Marines all aimed primarily with Horus Heresy Legion forces in mind, though of course you can get away with them in a 40k Marine army. Of these the last three are in Terminator armour and clocking in at £25 each (I'm basing that on the only one as yet available). For reference I think I paid £15-18 for the larger Ogryn Berserker.

Some models tied into releases, e.g. the two pilots with the release of Aeronautica Imperialis, the two Princeps tied into the Titan releases or the Davinite Priest with the start of the HH project. Meanwhile others seemed to just be cool models with no real reason to be released other than they were cool. Once we got into the multi models per year we tended to have a mixture, e.g. a 40k model and a Fantasy model.

So what is the point I am getting at?

Basically where has the variety gone? The wow factor and surprise. No longer does it seem that the sculptors are letting their imagination go aiming at producing something novel and cool, it's more 'what Marine can I do that isn't exactly the same as something else we already have'.

They could release anything as a Show Only and it will be in demand. The Horus Heresy is doing phenomenally well and certainly doesn't need extra Marines to help boost it's profile.

So why the Marine train of late? The Horus Heresy, the Grimdark of 40k and the Age of Sigmar setting (worlds? Realms?) have a huge depth which can be mined for characters that can be brought to life as a Show Only. Like many we have already had they don't need to be gaming pieces, we have entire ranges up for sale on the Forge World site that fulfils that role.

For example from the universes of 30k or 40k we could have...
Imperial Judge,
Non-Astartes agent of the Sigilite,
Agent of the Warmaster (e.g. an Assassin like that in Nemesis),
A Vanenum or Vanus Temple Assassin,
An Agent of the XXth Legion,
Rogue Trader,
Imperial Navy Ships Captain,
Imperial Army/Guard Beastman (flash from the past there),
Legion/Chapter Serf,
Thunder Warrior,
Astropath Choir Member,
Planetary Governor
(how about Lord Helmawr when the Necromunda reboot happens?),
Radical Inquisitor,
Dark Mechanicum,
Eldar Exodite,
Eldar Corsair Prince,
Ork Madboy
Goffik Rok Band (not much chance I know...)
Ork Boarboy (ditto),

I'm sure anyone reading this could add at least one more to that list. Being as my knowledge of Age of Sigmar is nonexistent I didn't try and think of anything.

That was a long post. Longer than needed, in fact this entire post could have remained unwritten but I was bored and decided to run with it anyway. Congratulations if you made it to the end.