Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Daemon Prince & Decimator

Daemon Prince 3

For the Daemon Prince I mainly have been looking at the base.

As with the other ruins I have done - both as bases and terrain pieces - the 'inside' of the ruin has a raised floor. As I wanted to add some weight to the base due to the precarious and delicate nature of the Prince I glued a couple of coins to the base then built a frame around them with styrene. A top piece of styrene was added as the floor top, it was attacked with a knife before filler was used along the edge.

At this point I also used some GS to fill gaps in the casting and LGS to tidy up the GS on the top.

I also added some coins under the base using spare filler help cement them in place. I now have a weighty base which will hopefully prevent the Daemon Prince being knocked over.

Rubble was added to finish the base off.

I've since glued the left hand to the arm, tomorrow I'll clean this joint up and sort any joints on the body out before tackling the wings.

Decimator 9

Moving onto the Decimator I Dremelled the legs and hips and after adding the knee panels I used GS to further Nurglify the model.. LGS was also used in places to help smooth things over and also to add a different texture here and there.

On the left leg I completely removed the face from the armour plate and knee as I wanted this second Decimator to be a bit different to the first one.

Once I was happy with the legs and hips I glued them all together.

Next for the Decimator will be the main body.


  1. Looking great!

    I always wanted to see a Nurgle version of this. My idea was just to use the Plague Hulk torso but this seems so much more adventurous.