Thursday, 23 June 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Daemon Prince & Decimator

Progress has continued even with the distraction of a constant stream of football on TV.

Ironically tonight no progress is being made due to me having to go to a meeting with work. Frankly too knackered to now do anything.

Daemon Prince 2:

I dremelled out the left hand, completely removing the dead horse. Amazed I didn't break off one of the fingers in the process.

I took a ruin cast and spent an age attacking it with the Dremel, then quite some time adding GS to replace some of the resin I removed, then even more time Dremelling the GS till I could fit the left hand in place.

The GS particularly needs a bit more tidying up yet, but that will get done when I finish the rest of the base off.

The ruin has now been glued to the base and pinned with some rod. I need to add more damage to it and detail the rest of the base.

To get an idea of what this guy looks like in place...

Need to start adding the GS to the body next and sort the wing/body joins.

Decimator 8

Both legs are now all glued in the chosen pose.

I have taken the 80mm base I have for the Leviathan Dread for this one, I'll need to pick up a replacement for that and one for the first Decimator at some point. The Decimator certainly fits an 80mm base better than a 60mm one.

The rights leg has been pinned into place. For now I've added the pin for the left leg but I will get some GS and Dremel work done on the legs before I glue the left leg and hip piece in place.

With the body in place it will look something like this...though I may have him looking to the left instead.

You may notice in the above pics the right leg has no foot.

I wanted to push the Daemon engine vibe a bit more than the first one so inspired by the Plaguebearer with the bloated/diseased leg I decided to do something similar. Still very much WIP.

All for today.

Expect another in the WD series next.


  1. Loving the Plaguebearers look to the Decimator legs.

  2. Agree with Siph...that green stuffing is AWESOME.

  3. Amazing skills to dremel that out without breaking anything Rictus, the Daemon Prince looks mad!

  4. Siph & Greg: Cheers. I'm not completely sold on the GS work yet but I think once I clean it up and so some dremel & more GS work to it it'll be fine.

    Red: Thanks, though I think it was more down to luck than skill.