Sunday, 12 June 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Nurglings 4

They are done. Well good enough for me to say they are done. As long as they are mixed in with the others they'll be fine. This army was only ever meant to be table top quality and I'm sticking with that...

So for the first time in quite awhile I was able to update the state of play plan.

As you can see as well as the Nurglings now all going blue I have added the Daemon Prince and also the new Heralds I built now so long ago.

On there I have three things left as PIP - the second Blight Drone, the Plague Drones and Scabby.

Meanwhile I haven't started painting the Plague Hulk or the first Decimator.

I also have the second Decimator to build along with the new Deamon Prince.

If you remember the Heralds are going to be painted by Sheep, so they won't be changing to blue till I get them sent off with the remaining Militia.

While I want to get these done I think I shall mix it up with the Militia. Thinking do a couple of Lascannon bases then work on the Deamons, then back again etc. Hopefully mixing things up will stop me getting bored with either project.

Progress will be made...though Euro '16 has now started...