Thursday 31 December 2015

Bunker Rebuild 2

It's been a while again...

Finally got back to working on a model. The bunker is pretty much done now with just the moulds to do and then the casting.

On the body of the bunker I added some armour plates to the front and a basic comms unit.

I added locating lugs on top of the walls so that the top wouldn't easily be knocked off during game play.

On the roof top I added new rivets and replaced the original end pieces on the lifting bars with new styrene tubes pieces.

Underneath it also got a couple of lights.

The mould for the body is currently under way, the two part mould for the roof will be done after this one as I am waiting for a little bit of GS to cure on the roof.

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 9

So, the first models I have touched in a while (apart from the bunker).

This isn't much of an update, but it is a milestone of a kind.

First thing I did was repair two infantryman who broke in the game I played not long ago. I pinned them at the waist (doubt it will make much difference if I dropped them on a hard floor again).

Not great pics I know as I used my phone for this update,

Next up I finally finished the member of the command squad who didn't have a left arm.

It's not great, but frankly at this point I don't care - I just wanted him done ASAP. After reading something on Mordian7th's blog I cut down some Guard binoculars to make a scope of some kind. I didn't want a full pair of binoculars as there is already someone in the squad with a pair.

The reason I need these done now is that they need to be packed up so I can ship them to Sheep to paint. I'm not sending the HW squads yet as I need to redo those, plus the Cyclops and Artillery crews are yet to be done as are the Rough Riders (if I do them at all).

Everything I am sending in this first batch...

Last minute I remembered Sheep asked me to send a couple of sample bases so he can more easily replicate them. So I knocked up a couple quickly.

Tomorrow I need to arrange collection and shipping. Joy.

I suppose I better update the State of Play:

As you can see all of the HW teams are now marked as unfinished.

I need to clean up the 3D prints I had done before I can do moulds. They are pretty rough but I should be able to sort them so they are usable. 

Saturday 28 November 2015

Warhammer World Trip - Exhibition and Horus Heresy Armies

Last weekend we had another gathering which included a trip to Warhammer World.

There we spent far too much on resin (and Black Library books if I'm honest) and played a game of Zone Mortalis that was probably the worst game when it comes to luck and poor army choice I've ever had. Our sides combined Daemons and Nids did not do well...(though I still claim the lack of scatter terrain and doors on the WHW ZM board is a big issue which severely put us at a disadvantage).

Anyway, we also paid another visit to the exhibition which has seen two new big set ups since our last trip.

I've kept the pictures big and there are a lot of them...

Age of Sigmar:

Tau v Adeptus Mechanicus:

Horus Heresy:

The main reason I wanted to go in the exhibition again is to see the Horus Heresy armies they have on show at the moment.

I tried to get pictures of every force but alas some just didn't come out (I hate the cabinets they use).

Like I said, a lot of pictures.