Saturday 28 November 2015

Warhammer World Trip - Exhibition and Horus Heresy Armies

Last weekend we had another gathering which included a trip to Warhammer World.

There we spent far too much on resin (and Black Library books if I'm honest) and played a game of Zone Mortalis that was probably the worst game when it comes to luck and poor army choice I've ever had. Our sides combined Daemons and Nids did not do well...(though I still claim the lack of scatter terrain and doors on the WHW ZM board is a big issue which severely put us at a disadvantage).

Anyway, we also paid another visit to the exhibition which has seen two new big set ups since our last trip.

I've kept the pictures big and there are a lot of them...

Age of Sigmar:

Tau v Adeptus Mechanicus:

Horus Heresy:

The main reason I wanted to go in the exhibition again is to see the Horus Heresy armies they have on show at the moment.

I tried to get pictures of every force but alas some just didn't come out (I hate the cabinets they use).

Like I said, a lot of pictures.


  1. Thanks for these, I went a few weeks ago. I took loads too, yours are more close up, lovely

    1. No worries. I did see your pictures, some very nice things, especially that Ork Pirate Ship/Tank.

  2. Great photos! Thanks for taking and sharing them as always!

  3. Happy to oblige. For my sins I'll be at WHW again in Jan for the b'day party thing so now doubt there will be a post with lots of pictures up soon after.


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