Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Tale of Two Boxes...

So I had a couple of boxes arrive...

As so many others have done I picked up a copy of Betrayal of Calth. Well worth the money I think - even though the Mk. IV's are going to others the game looks nice and the other models will go towards either the DG or another Heresy force in the future.

However the Monster box is gorgeous. Jam packed with stuff and weighs a ton. In fairness it was a quite a bit more than Calth so you can't compare the two like for like. At this point (without doing more than opening the boxes and peering inside) they both look very good value.

We plan on playing Calth next weekend at our Meet Up, no chance of getting Monster sorted by then so that shall have to wait to the next gathering.

Here is another look at that Monster.

Almost too nice to open.

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