Sunday, 8 November 2015

IPMS Scale Modelworld 2015

So, I'm not dead.

Though it was a bit closer than expected at one point...

For my first post in over two months (longest by far I have ever gone without posting) here are some pictures from the IPMS Scale Modelworld show I attended today.

As always I wondered round grabbing pics of anything that grabbed my interest, not necessarily the best that was there, just what caught my eye as I walked round. Plus as I have mentioned before certain things, like planes and boats, don't really interest me so it's only once in a while I take a picture of those.

I have to admit I am sure a couple of the models above I saw last year and took pictures of, and probably included in last years post about it.

The one below I include for Sheep, as it is probably the closest he will get to getting Alien V's Predator for a while...

The next set of pictures are from the competition entries:

Picture angle made this Contemptor look a bit odd and squat, it wasn't in real life


Is he a cute scythe wielding bastard?

This, was a monster. The Iron Warrior in me is jealous.


  1. "Closest he will get to AvP for a while"

    That's just rubbing salt in the wound :(

    Another lot of great pics though, I'm always jealous you get to go to things like this, they are a lot rarer in Australia.

    1. I keep telling you to get on a damn plane.