Monday, 9 November 2015

Recalcitrant Daze - Insert Witty Title Here.

So yeah, been a while.

My motivation is still rather lacking, however I am trying to slowly get back into things and I have even started working on a bit of terrain (see below).

While I haven't been doing any hobby stuff or posting on RD I have been following everything, such as the blogs, forums and new releases.

So here is a meandering post, with little pre-thought, direction or any plan to what may be written.

Warning: There is a lot to read through with little in the way of eye candy. I won't be offended if you don't bother. I shall resent it obviously, but not hold it against you.

Forge World Bunker Re-birth.

I always wanted some FW bunkers, but they have been out of production for some time. I picked one up from eBay a while back and I decided this would be a nice project to get myself back into the hobby. I won't show too much at the moment other than the pic below showing how it arrived in the post (though the roof isn't shown), but the plan is to clean it up, remove anything I don't want, re-detail it, change a few things and then re-cast it so I can have several (please don't ask for casts though, I will be doing casts only for my gaming group).

The sand bags were the first thing that much dust...

Injury set back.

Keeping this short, but my getting back into the hobby had a set back when I buggered up my back a week ago (partly due to standing at two six our gigs in two days and partly due to tripping the day after). This put a kink into any plans to sit at a desk and work on the bunker. There were some other complications resulting from this as well which made the week interesting to say the least. So now I have to slowly get myself back into the getting back into the hobby phase...there is a lot of back in that paragraph.

One of the models from the show.
 IPMS Modelshow 2015.

 You've probably already seen the pictures I took when I attended the  IPMS show in Telford on Sunday, As always it was worth attending  even though I couldn't stay as long as normal or look for all the bits I  was after (I was looking for some bits to detail the bunker with) -  frankly it just hurting too much to stay any longer.

 I picked up plenty of rubber for some new moulds I have planned and  some milliput, not a huge amount but the saving in postage for the  rubber was worth attending alone.

Meet Up.

In a couple of weeks our little gaming group will have another of it's regular Meet Ups. This gathering includes a trip to WHW so there is a chance I may do a blog post afterwards with pics of the games and/or other things to see.

Not sure if I will go through the display area again as I don't think there is much that has appeared since my last visit which wasn't long ago at all.

May pop into the FW store while I am there...

Betrayal at Calth. pick up some more Heresy stuff.

Like many I ordered the new box set with the very nice looking plastic Heresy stuff in. I only went for one box as I already have a largish army of FW Heresy sitting in a box waiting to be built. All I really want from the box is the termies, characters, dread and the game itself. The Mk. IV are destined for others (if only it was Mk II or Mk. III in the box...).
Look at the barrels on that.

The prospect of GW producing more plastic kits for the Heresy is both exciting and scary. If we see a full plastic Contemptor kit (along the same lines as the regular Marine Dread), plastic Deimos hull kits, other Marks of armour (especially Mk. II), assault marines and Spartan or Sicaran kits I may have some sort of an emotional and financial breakdown. Oh god, imagine a dual Falchion/Glaive kit along the lines of the Baneblade/Shadowsword kit...not going to happen but it's hard not to get moist at the idea...

Flying Things to Come.

Even though I've not been doing models the hunt for more to buy is always in progress.

So this week I finally started the Aeronautica Imperialis Chaos Fleet. God they are expensive on eBay...if FW sold them double their original price I'd still buy a shed load and save money.

Hell Blades and Hell Talons are just so damn sexy. But I do so want a Harbinger as well...

Imagine it with an escort of a dozen Hell Blades...

It was such a shame when Forge World dropped AI. Not only because it was a damn good game but it seemed to go just as fliers entered regular 40k. With planes at the forefront of peoples minds it might have been a good time to have a plane based game available. It also went away just as similar (similar, but not the same) games came along such as the very popular X-Wing. I like X-Wing, it's a very fun game but I do think AI offered something different that set it apart.

The other big reason was the explosion of new aircraft in the setting - both from GW with new Dark Eldar, Eldar, Marine, Chaos and Necron fliers which could have expanded the existing AI lines and introduced whole new ones, but also from Forge World itself with the slew of new, mainly Marine, fliers we have seen over the last couple of years.

But alas it is gone...Please Mr Forge World sirs, won't you bring it back for us?...(I say that with a small chance that Andy Hoare might be reading this and put in a word for me...I know, I'm desperate)

Blogs Worth a Look:

Inconsistent Crap - That is the blog name, not my comment on it. Not a new blog but one back from the dead with some great paint jobs to see from Foot of Adhesive Tape.

Rob Hawkins Hobby Blog - Great stuff to see, including a very impressive Nagash, with extra sculpting and a spot on paint job, shown recently.

I'm not sure what others to add, the problem with doing this every so often is I lose track completely of what blogs I have already mentioned. I don't want to miss any out but then I don't want to look like an idiot and 'showcase' the same blog half a dozen times...I suppose I could look back through my posts but that would involve an amount of effort I'm not comfortable in expending at the moment.

I think that will do for now, enough to be getting on with.

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