Saturday 30 December 2017

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Plaguebearers 9 & Plague Drones 2

I picked up earlier in the year some more reinforcements for the Nurgle Daemons, namely another unit of Plaguebearers and another unit of Plague Drones.

This week I finally got round to building them.

For the Plaguebearers you may notice above that I am putting together three champions.

Originally when I build the first two units I had I used the Champion bits for one unit and as I didn't want duplicates I didn't use them on the second one, instead made him stand out in other ways. However now that I will be fielding 40 of the buggers I really need to have the unit champions stand out more, and what I did for the second (and later third) champion just isn't good enough when you have loads of 'bearers all bunched up. Hence now making three new champions using the raised sword so that the will all stand out nicely. For when I field larger units, e.g. two 20 man units or one 30 man with a 10 man unit the two champions standing on rocks will be the unit champions, the other two relegated to the ranks.

As with the other icon bearers I did previously I used the same standard but made a few changes so each one looks a bit different, in this case I kept it simple and just used a spare Blight Kings bit.

Plague Drones 2

I do hate building these things. Gaps everywhere and the wings are a nightmare to fit.

You may remember (but probably not) that I am using these without the riders. I've just never liked the look. When I had only three it was quite simple to tell who was who with the champion being the one without an icon or an instrument. Now I've added three more I needed the champion to be obvious as there will now be four drones without icon or instrument.

Obvious way to make one stand out is to add a Nurgling, who is obviously the brains of the operation.

Drones now come with 60mm bases rather than flying stands. So I have made three new bases for the existing drones, however I need to redo two of the bases to raise two of the drones up - even using the tallest stand the one drone scuplt is too low and they hit the base,

And about Nurgle...

I am sure everyone has seen what is coming out in the next few weeks.

I will be picking up both the new Daemon Codex and AoS Nurgle battletome.

I am sure this will result in some changes to both my 40k and AoS forces. The main thing is I will be adding some Beasts, I just don't know how many - though at £25 a pop it won't be a huge amount.

Taking everything into account, including now using the force for both 40k and AoS and adding the Mortal elements I have updated the State of Play chart...

The right hand column are all of the Mortal elements for Age of Sigmar. Kazyk and the Lord listed used to be down as Heralds. Likewise five of the Blight Kings were originally down as Heralds. As you can no longer take as many Heralds easily I won't be fielding any more than the three I already have...though depending on the new books I may add the new characters.

Monday 25 December 2017

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Mortal Legions 1

I decided for Age of Sigmar the Nurgle force needed some of Papa Nurgles' mortal followers.

So I picked up three boxes of Blight Kings and from eBay a unit of Nurgle Ogres and a unit of Blight Trolls.

Blight Kings

For these I tried to add some minor conversion, weapon/head swaps etc to bring some variety. I didn't want to do more than that as when they are all fielded as a unit it won't really be an issue.

Plague Ogres.

I do really like the Plague Ogres, very nice sculpts. Other than some GS gap filling they went together really easily. Managed to find three 50mm bases for them. 60mm just looked too big.

Bile Trolls.

The Bile Trolls were an absolute bitch to put together. Pinning, GS, dremel and so on were all needed. Lots of gaps and things not lining up. The one arm just did not fit at all.

Apart from that really nice models...

To show how big the Ogres and Trolls are here is a scale shot. Keep in mind the Blight King is big anyway...

That is probably all the mortal units I'll add. I already have five Blight Kings and on top of those I have Tamurkhan to lead them plus his henchman and a couple of leader models.

Today we had the reveal from GW about the forthcoming Nurgle units..

Plastic Beasts of Nurgle...finally.

So yeah, will definitely be adding some of those, the rest not so in a rush to get. Will be interesting to see what those Plaguebearer character models are and the GUO, if he looks ok in scale compared to Scabby then i'll add one, if he's too big then I don't see much point in getting one.