Monday 31 March 2014

Forge World Open Day 2014 - Part 2 - New stuff.

So here are the 'more pictures' I promised. There are quite a lot and they are quite large, so you have been warned...some shots are very similar but I decided to just include them all rather than spend an age sorting through them.

Starting with all things Ad-Mechy...

Knight Lancer - unpainted:

Knight Lancer - Painted:

WIP work for more Knight pieces:

I'm pretty sure these are possible Knight Weapons...didn't ask though.
Krios Venator:


Siege Automata:

Now for more regular Marines and the Legions...

Combi-Weapons, Legion Upgrade Sets & Razorback Turrets:

Gorgon Terminators WIP and some bad pictures of the Salamander Terminator Unit (forget the name now):


And finally the WIP Nid Beast:

And to finish here is what I picked up...

The stuff in boxes are the Mk III Power Weapon Set and Kazyk the Befouled who will become a Herald in my Nurgle Daemon army. You may notice in the top left corner is a second Collectors Edition, I didn't go mad or decide to go eBay crazy, I picked up a copy for someone else.

I did also pick up some show only figures, they will go on eBay next Sunday.

And the above is for a certain Antipodean who goes by the name of Sheep. Well providing he plays nicely.