Monday, 10 March 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - Stuff

It’s been a while since I have done a non-specific rambling kind of post. For those who have been following RD for a while will remember (with dread probably) the monthly post I used to do before I decided I didn’t have enough to actually say to keep it going.

Not sure I have enough to say on this occasion either, but i’ve started now so we might as well all just grin and bear it and hope it is over quickly with as little bloodshed, tears and questioning our life decisions as possible.


What is on the workbench at the moment?

Well we have the ruins getting done (tonight I did a bit of dremmelling) and the Giant Spined Beast/Jabberslythe (currently working on the base) plus of course the minor distraction of the wound counters.

Also on the edge needing attention are Deamons in the form of Scabby, Blight Drone, Plague Drones, Nurglings and Plaguebearers to finish off and the Robot Dreadball team to build and paint.

However on the horizon we have the new Imperial Guard Codex. Sometime soon I want to get all of my Militia out for review, I do want to have a slim down of them in preparation of a re-organising with the new codex. Will I get anything new? Hard to say at the moment but if this is anything to go by...
It's not Nagash level but it is still a tracked abortion of a vehicle.

...I won’t be getting anything.

Forge World...

At the end of this month is the FW Open Day, I am happy to say i’ll be there again. I’ve been to everyone so far and even with now having to pay £8 to attend it is still great value.

Expect lots of pictures of FW hitting RD on the 30th or the 1st of April.

And I couldn’t resist the Heresy Weekender again. Last year was good but this year should be better, rather than just me wandering around there will be three of us there combining the event with another meet up.

So naturally there will be plenty of pictures after that as well.
I am sure I was going to say more when I started this, but I've lost the will to carry on.


  1. Aye - not entirely sold on the transport either. I mean, I see where they were going, it's essentially the vehicle that the orks loot to make the battlewagon, but the initial pics leave me cold. I'll look forward to seeing some further pics of it from other angles.

  2. Transport is a wreck.

    If I'm given one I'll try and rescue it, but I'm not going to buy one.

    I'm excited to see what direction FW are going to take the Mechanicum vehicles.

  3. I am super excited to see what the new IG book brings us; even more so if it means I get to see more of the Renegades.

  4. That transport. Ugh!!

    There's a really nasty CAD aesthetic with a lot of GW's latest models (Khorne Skull Tractor, Khorne Chariot etc) This just illustrates that perfectly. I'm increasingly finding that only Forgeworld seem to be able to design a decent tank. Perhaps GW should take some designspiration from them.

  5. Cheers for the comments.

    Yeah the transport is an insult to the eye.

    Hopefully the new Guard codex will not be on a par with the new transport.