Monday, 10 March 2014

Wound / Hull Markers 1

Very quick update tonight.

For many years I have kept track of wounds (and now hull points) by using dice. However this tends to prove problematic at the best of times.

So I was looking to do some counters instead.

I picked up some skulls from Blood and Skull Industries. The plan was to use these as the markers with something on them to mark how many wounds or hull points were left.

This is idea 1 - inspired by old drawings showing Marines with studs to mark their long service:

So the studs mark the numbers of wounds/hull points left. I'm not sure though how well these stand out so I did a very quick paint job on one to see how well the studs show up...

Still undecided.

So I am going to do a second version with a roman numeral carved into the skull. I'll get that painted as well so I can compare the two ideas.


  1. give the stud a thin coat of tamyia clear red and it will stand out like a ruby on that nice bone color ;)

    1. Funnily enough after I did the update I repainted the stud does stand out better.

  2. I like that - nice idea. The numerals will also look good I imagine if you wash them witha dark enough tone.

    Consider this idea stolen.

  3. Not as cool, obviously, but my FREE wound/hull/victory markers are available to download and print out. I don't like the use of dice, it's just too easy for folk to pick them up and get confused. The great thing about my cardboard markers is you can lose them and just make another batch. They're so easy to do I give them away to my opponents at tournaments.

    You're obviously well served with these but should anyone else watn some markers, they're here:

  4. Cheers for the comments.

    I've done a test piece with a numeral carved in it. Think I prefer the stud but not decided yet.