Monday, 17 March 2014

Chaos Renegade Militia (aka Traitor Guard) - Overview

So with the new Guard Codex round the corner I thought it was time to get out all of my Militia and take stock of what sort of state things were in.

It wasn't easy as things are spread out amongst many boxes in different areas, and I had to go back a couple of times after remembering there was something I had left behind.

So the overall shot:

And the breakdown is...

Three built Chimeras,
Two unbuilt Chimera hulls,
x2 Special Weapon Squads,
HQ Command Squad,
Marbo counts as,
Primaris Psyker,
Lord Commissar,

Four Infantry Squads + Commies,
x2 Missile Launcher Squads,
Mortar Squad,
x2 Lascannon Squads,
Platoon HQ Squad.

x2 Hellblades
x13 Sentinels,
x2 Hellhounds.

Hades Drill,
Sentinel Heavy Lifter,
x2 Earthshaker Emplacements,
x6 built Leman Russ,
x1 unbuilt Leman Russ,
x10 Russ turrets,
x2 Malcadors,
x4 Gun Turrets,

And not shown are...
  Another couple unbuilt tanks (either Russ or Chimera, can't remember).
  Chaos Warhound...

Also in the works are a couple of Veteran Squads and a Rough Rider squads...but for these I am waiting for some new parts from Col Gravis who is in the process of doing some sculpts for me.

There is so much in those pictures that are WIP that it is embarrassing.

My plan is to thin the herd a bit. Most notably Sentinels as I did go a bit mad with those, I've never used more than six even in an Apoc game. Also the unbuilt vehicles can go, I never use all the ones I have already built. In fact another Chimera or two can go as it is very rare I use one.

Once the codex is out I'll start looking at possible re-organising things and start doing all the repairs that are required.


  1. Now THAT'S a good sized "oh here's a force I found in my closet" army! :)

    1. And the scary thing is that's about half the points value the army used to be...

  2. What are you going to do with the units that can go?

    1. Good old ebay. I am sorting out some non-Guard bits to go as well (Orks mainly) for an all inclusive purge of bits. Hoping to get some bits up this Sunday.