Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Chaos Renegade Militia (aka Traitor Guard) - Breakdown & Thoughts.

Carrying on from the last post the Militia break down as...

The Grunts.

The infantry form up as four infantry squads, two special weapon squads, five heavy weapon squads and two command squads.

Generally I am happy with this, however I am thinking about forming the infantry into two larger squads of 20 instead of fielding them as four man squads. Of course at the moment this isn't a modelling issue as you simply stick the squads together before deployment. However (assuming you can still do this in the new codex) I will have to model the sergeants differently, so there is a senior sergeant in each squad.

A change I am definitely going to do is get rid of the melta guns. They have proved pointless in every game. That one shot short range fire just isn't worth the points, a flamer or plasma gun has proven far better in games thus far (esp against Nids).

I have been tempted many times to add more special weapon squads - snipers especially. But I think I will stick with the two I have. Both have proved excellent choices. Plasma and Demo Charges can put a dent in any opponent.

Other than adding some Vets and a Rough Rider squad the infantry will be changing or expanding. There is plenty to finish off and a lot of repair work to do.

Hooky the Scanner Guy

Along with the Infantry are the Chimeras. I will keep a couple, maybe three. One command plus two regular for the odd scenario where movement is important or for the Vet squads.

The rest can go through.

Command Chimera - Not getting shot of this guy...even if I never use it.

Soft & Heavy Metal.

Sentinels. Why do I have so many Sentinels?

Nobody needs 13 of them. So these will be trimmed back. I like the scout sentinels the most rather than the armoured versions. Being able to throw three heavy flamers into the fray can be fun. While I like the look of the Missile sentinels I don't think they are worth keeping, the Autocannon versions are able to throw out more. I'll leave the tanks and heavy weapon squads to take on enemy armour etc. So I think the Missile Launcher sentinels will go. The question is do I keep the Lascannon armoured sentinels? They do look nice...

Hellhounds will be trimmed down to one - the FW version which I love. The conversion I did will be turned back into a Chimera and sold. As Fast Attack options go a HH and some Sentinels have me covered, I'm not one for taking two HH in a squadron. Bit overkill.

To stay... go...
Hellblades are safe - not going to be getting rid of those.

Same goes with the Atlas, Trojan, Sentinel Power Lifter & Hades Drill...never use them but they are ones I will not get rid of.

Conversion on the left, FW model on the right.

Isn't she cute?

Leman Russes - Other than getting shot of the unbuilt Russ these are staying as they are. Different load outs of hull and the selection of turrets gives me plenty of options.

Gun Turrets - Ditto, don't need any more and I'm happy with the four I have with the large selection of turrets I built for them.

Emplacements - While I am tempted to do a third I will stick with two (for now). Just need to finish them when the GW Hydra hits the shelves I'll be using those to get some Hydra emplacements to take care of any pesky aircraft knocking around.

Ronnie & Reggie - aka the Malcador tanks. I do like Malcadors. I don't know why. There is some work yet to do on these. I basically started to Militia them up and magnetise all of the weapons. However the track problems put me off finishing them. I really should get them done...

The Twins.
So that is pretty much that for now.

Just need to concentrate on getting some other things finished before the new Codex actually hits...

Or before I get distracted.

Oh, one more thing for the Militia will of course be the War Altar of Nurgle.

Something else to finish.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this come along!

    1. Cheers, got to get some other projects finished first...

  2. Big old surplus tanks are just the kind of gear fit for an insurrection against the imperium. (so let's see those twins painted!)

    1. Ronnie and Reggie will be done. Once I get the tracks sorted they will pretty much be there. It's just a pain in the arse.