Thursday, 6 March 2014

Terrain Time - Ruins 2 & Scatter Terrain 19

Things have been quiet but I have been (slowly) plugging away. As such here is an update (small it may be however).

Ruins 2

I cut down the bases of the ruins, added some foamboard to what would be the inside of the building then added a layer of sand.

I put together a couple of more pieces, rather than corners again I did a couple of straight walls.

Picture below was taken before I did some more GS work to the join.

Tonight I started to add the rubble. This is just the first pass, once the glue has dried i'll knock off the excess and add some more. I will also add in some resin pieces.

Scatter Terrain 19
I finished adding the stores to the last of the pallets:

The last few pallets used the new, larger crates:

Next up I will give these a coat of undercoat before I start adding the tarps. Progress will thus be dependant on the weather.

So don't expect progress on them any time in the near future.


  1. I'm really digging the stores. It seems a shame to conceal them under tarps. Are you going to leave any fully or partially bare?

    1. Yeah i'll have some peeking out, tarps pulled back etc. Like on the mock ups I did a while back,

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  3. Just saw this on pinterest. Where did you get the barrels and crates?

    1. The barrels are scale model barrels I have cast up, the crates are ones I made myself and cast up.