Monday, 31 March 2014

Forge World Open Day 2014 - Part 2 - New stuff.

So here are the 'more pictures' I promised. There are quite a lot and they are quite large, so you have been warned...some shots are very similar but I decided to just include them all rather than spend an age sorting through them.

Starting with all things Ad-Mechy...

Knight Lancer - unpainted:

Knight Lancer - Painted:

WIP work for more Knight pieces:

I'm pretty sure these are possible Knight Weapons...didn't ask though.
Krios Venator:


Siege Automata:

Now for more regular Marines and the Legions...

Combi-Weapons, Legion Upgrade Sets & Razorback Turrets:

Gorgon Terminators WIP and some bad pictures of the Salamander Terminator Unit (forget the name now):


And finally the WIP Nid Beast:

And to finish here is what I picked up...

The stuff in boxes are the Mk III Power Weapon Set and Kazyk the Befouled who will become a Herald in my Nurgle Daemon army. You may notice in the top left corner is a second Collectors Edition, I didn't go mad or decide to go eBay crazy, I picked up a copy for someone else.

I did also pick up some show only figures, they will go on eBay next Sunday.

And the above is for a certain Antipodean who goes by the name of Sheep. Well providing he plays nicely.


  1. Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Plays nice? I'm always nice to you, git.

    1. Well that is hardly getting off to a good start...