Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ruins 3

Not been able to get much done model wise of late but the ruins have progressed a bit.

I added more rubble to the bases as well as add in some resin bits, basically bit of the ruins I had cut off.

I also attacked the walls with the dremel to add some more damage from small arms fire etc.

The insert above shows one of the resin off cuts I added in to the rubber. Not sure they worked as well as I hoped but oh well.

I am thinking of adding in some flooring to a few of the corner pieces including this one.

Managed to get them all undercoated today...

Even though I am going to (almost certainly) be adding some floors in I still wanted to get them undercoated at this point as it will be far easier to undercoat without the floors in.

Next up i'll look at adding some floors.

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