Sunday 7 January 2018

New Year Open Day 2018

So I was at the New Year Open Day yesterday at Warhammer World. I didn't get as many pictures as normal, I mainly spent my time chatting to the designers, the Specialist Games team and the WHW team.

What pictures I took are below, main purpose of the post is to pass on the bit of info I picked up - and can remember.

Specialist Games:

Adeptus Titanicus:
Release is still on schedule, they have had a date in place for some time now and everything in on course for this. Date wasn’t given (didn’t want to jinx it), but don’t expect anything at the Heresy Weekender – too soon for models to be on show there.

Hive War II and the Orlock Gang will be out in the next month or two (I can’t remember if he said February or March).

The other gangs will follow in the same vein. Rules and models are done together so that they can feed into each other, i.e. if a sculptor thinks of something that will look great the rules will follow and vice versa. Main reason to not have all gangs in one hit is to allow this to happen and to allow the gangs to be more different with their own character, rules and weapons/equipment etc.

We may get a Necromunda artbook.

More tiles with specific rules (like chance of being shocked or being in the dark). Don’t know on any release for them, there was just the artwork there.

As mentioned before we are getting gangs in the pages of White Dwarf – it’s up to WD team for when things go out but the running order looks to be:
Genestealer Cult.
Chaos gang.
Bounty Hunter gang.

As I wrote after the last event the Chaos gang is based around the cultists in the old box set but with extra’s like a chaos spawn if things go wrong…or right…

The bounty hunters sounded really interesting, with lots of potential. Gang members could include the bounty hunters FW are producing but also people like outcasts from other gangs. They will have access to everything, more expanded list of equipment and weapons. Inq28 was mentioned as the sort of thing you could do with them with people having free reign to come up with members as almost everything will be possible.

Some pics: