Wednesday 29 August 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 11

Quite an important step in this update, though it may not look like much in the pictures.

I decided to add a top panel to the hull. It doesn't sound like much but this addition gives me a point to build the lower hull up to. Since deciding to have the upper section removeable I was lacking this point and lacking it was bringing in a lot of complications. It should also make it easier for me to make the upper section removeable.

A knock on effect it will mean I can make the forward area with the turret better as I can build it much better.

Anyway, to pictures.

The wooden strips were temp glued onto the styrene to keep
the sheet level and straight. The pegs around the side helped locate everything.
At the rear I plated up where the fuel cans usually go. As you can see I didn't add plate over the rearmost section. This will get done later.

At the front more plating was added. still need a bit more though.

In the interior I started adding the final details and covering the gaps up - though you won't see them with the upper sections in place.

Well after that lot we have another 191 rivets...

PS: Is anyone else having problems uploading pictures to Blogger? I am having to upload each one five to eight times at the moment before they actually upload.

Monday 27 August 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 10

Still slowly working my way back into the usual schedule...

Progress has been made on the Karrier today. I cut out the hole for the Rokkit Launcha and detailed it up. The back face will be left open as you won't see it.

To give me room for the rokkit launcha I had to add material in making the lift opening smaller. Looks a bit rough but you won't see the joins.

On the inside of the hull I added the last few panels in, also added one of the doors previously built. Will probably add a few more details in there yet.

To see if everything was coming together properly I cut out the appropriate holes from the foamboard deck and put everything together...

Added another 123 rivets so we now have...

Saturday 25 August 2012

Scatter Terrain 11

Slowly getting back into things post holiday...

I cast up some rebar and then some more Dragons Teeth tank traps in plaster before carving damage into them.

The plan is to use some of these as masters for more casting. I'll pick five or six and do a new mould including the original master, i'll then use this mould to quickly cast multiple sets of tank traps.

Pictures are naff, you can't make out the rebar in some of them.

I'll leave them for a few days to fully dry then give them a coat of grey primer. Once it is a bit more clearer i'll clean up the ones I prefer and do the mould.

The primed versions should be a lot clearer (I hope).

Back on the Karrier tomorrow...

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Sunday 12 August 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Pre Holiday Post

One final post before I leave for holiday...

6th Edition.

So yesterday I got to play 6th edition for the first time. Overall out impression was positive. It was very much a non-competitive game as the two of us were trying out as many rules as possible. With that in mind I took as many different types of unit I could. Likewise in the game itself we took decisions that we probably wouldn’t do in a regular game just so we could try something else out. Though I should point out for completeness sake I did lose...

As I said overall our impression of the new edition was good. Obviously we need to play far more games to really get a hang of it. New rules such as Warlord Traits and secondary missions passed us by somewhat due to what we rolled and not really keeping them in mind. The new vehicle rules seem a nice balance and no problems spring to mind regarding movement, shooting or assault. Hard to judge the flyer rules though on one flyer in one game.


As mentioned previously my re-prints of the crates and drums have arrived from Shapeways. Unfortunately they are just not good enough to use. When I return from my holiday I will be ordering prints of them from another supplier.

Some pictures of the latest prints...

Don't think I need to point out what lets these prints down.


Do you remember the generator I was working on a while back...?

Well if you do you may also remember me saying I wasn’t going to get the generator and control unit printed due to the quality of prints not being good enough (as highlighted with the pieces above), or rather the quality of prints I could afford to get done.

Circumstances change though...

Those screen shots are taken from Secret Weapon Miniatures latest video live broadcast, which can be found here.

Now I don’t know when the generators will be hitting the Secret Weapon Miniatures webstore but I doubt it will be long. I am quite looking forward to getting my hands on some personally.

And as Justin mentions in the broadcast expect more pieces from me coming from me and Secret Weapon Miniatures in the future.


Once I return I have on my to do list has the following four priorities (in no particular order, and 50/50 chance this list will change):

Tank Traps – damaged versions to be done and cast.

Stores – to be ordered from a different 3D printer company.

Kopta Karrier – continuing to defeat the beast.

Pallets – moulds and casts to do.

From The Spring Offensive
So that is that for now. All being well there should be an update in less than a fortnight.

In the meantime why not check out some blogs...

The Painting Bunker
Col Gravis

Thursday 9 August 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 9

As hinted at here is the small update on the Karrier.

The direction of the upper structure and deck has changed slightly, well actually it will prove to be a big change. Nothing to do with the look or style however, it is just now I am going to build it so that the deck and below deck structure are removeable - partly for transport and partly for ease of painting (esp. the internal areas).

It might not sound a big change but it will complicate the build somewhat and will certainly change how I was going to do thing. The under deck structure which I have already started will need some modifying though I am hoping that I will not have to redo it as it contains a fair amount of styrene and build time already.

My first step was to get the Rokkit Launcha system built as I need to have the deck understructure built to fit this and it will have a knock on effect on the front of the structure which has been implications on a number of things.

So anyway, enough rambling.

In the picture above you can see the launch rails. I cut down a Stompa Rokkit, shown below. The shortened length will help me fit everything in the available area. I am going to cast extra rokkits as I can't get hold of more Stompa rokkits. I will detail each of the casts to make them a bit more individual.

And slotted in place it looks like this...

Using the hole for the lift shaft as a stand in the Rokkit Launcha looks like this:

The hinge points should be hidden inside the deck. Will come up with a system to keep it open later on once I cut the proper hole out to mount it all.

So naturally the Rokkit Launcha has seen plenty of rivets being added.

Weirdly the number came to an exact 200. Just seems odd.

Anyway that brings the total now up to (drum roll)....

No more Karrier updates till after I return from holiday. I may slip in another post on RD before I leave, depending what sort of mood I am in.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - 16 Months and so on.

Well it is that time again, another monthly post about nothing in particular to nominally mark another month of Recalcitrant Daze.

Been a bit of an unusual month with a few projects getting in on the act.

Small progress was made on the Gun Emplacements – namely getting the modified gun plate done and cast. I should get on with actually fully assembling one of these in a couple of weeks including sorting crew etc.

My latest batch of 3D prints arrived with a mixed level of success. While the tank traps and pallets turned out nicely the stores were a write off. These are currently being re-printed with hopefully better results. The plan now is to do some more tank trap masters with various levels of damage. This is towards the top of my ‘to do’ list (which means anytime in the next 1 to 10 weeks probably).

With the aim of trying out the new 6th edition rules I started putting together an Ork Fighta Bomma. Very nice kit, though of course I am modifying it. While I only need to get this to a usable state I hope to get it fully finished in the near future, again it is towards the top of my ‘to do’ list…

Meanwhile the Karrier is progressing nicely. Been a bit quiet on that front due to knocking out the Orky Flyboy but the project hasn’t stalled, some progress will get done over the next few days.

One reason why things have been quiet is that I was away for several days in London to see the Olympics (and generally explore the capitals transport system).

And this coming Monday I leave on holiday for seven days, so things will remain quiet for a bit longer. What with getting some gaming in this Saturday and getting everything together for the holiday I can’t see much being done.

If I can I’ll squeeze in an update on the Karrier (as I am working on something for it at the moment), but it will be a quick one as Real Life has to take priority at the moment…