Thursday, 9 August 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 9

As hinted at here is the small update on the Karrier.

The direction of the upper structure and deck has changed slightly, well actually it will prove to be a big change. Nothing to do with the look or style however, it is just now I am going to build it so that the deck and below deck structure are removeable - partly for transport and partly for ease of painting (esp. the internal areas).

It might not sound a big change but it will complicate the build somewhat and will certainly change how I was going to do thing. The under deck structure which I have already started will need some modifying though I am hoping that I will not have to redo it as it contains a fair amount of styrene and build time already.

My first step was to get the Rokkit Launcha system built as I need to have the deck understructure built to fit this and it will have a knock on effect on the front of the structure which has been implications on a number of things.

So anyway, enough rambling.

In the picture above you can see the launch rails. I cut down a Stompa Rokkit, shown below. The shortened length will help me fit everything in the available area. I am going to cast extra rokkits as I can't get hold of more Stompa rokkits. I will detail each of the casts to make them a bit more individual.

And slotted in place it looks like this...

Using the hole for the lift shaft as a stand in the Rokkit Launcha looks like this:

The hinge points should be hidden inside the deck. Will come up with a system to keep it open later on once I cut the proper hole out to mount it all.

So naturally the Rokkit Launcha has seen plenty of rivets being added.

Weirdly the number came to an exact 200. Just seems odd.

Anyway that brings the total now up to (drum roll)....

No more Karrier updates till after I return from holiday. I may slip in another post on RD before I leave, depending what sort of mood I am in.