Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 11

Quite an important step in this update, though it may not look like much in the pictures.

I decided to add a top panel to the hull. It doesn't sound like much but this addition gives me a point to build the lower hull up to. Since deciding to have the upper section removeable I was lacking this point and lacking it was bringing in a lot of complications. It should also make it easier for me to make the upper section removeable.

A knock on effect it will mean I can make the forward area with the turret better as I can build it much better.

Anyway, to pictures.

The wooden strips were temp glued onto the styrene to keep
the sheet level and straight. The pegs around the side helped locate everything.
At the rear I plated up where the fuel cans usually go. As you can see I didn't add plate over the rearmost section. This will get done later.

At the front more plating was added. still need a bit more though.

In the interior I started adding the final details and covering the gaps up - though you won't see them with the upper sections in place.

Well after that lot we have another 191 rivets...

PS: Is anyone else having problems uploading pictures to Blogger? I am having to upload each one five to eight times at the moment before they actually upload.


  1. I admire every conversion you pull off, you know that? But this time, I think yer nuts! :)

    Man I'd love the chance to put a brush to this model.

  2. That is looking spectacular! Love the distressed panel look you do, it's perfectly, properly orky!

    Go man, go!

  3. I think you need to build yourself a rickety wooden deck with a ramp ala Ark Royal. Itll give you something else to paint (wood!). It'd be cool to have the ramp should you build up a VTOL Ork bomber or 6!

    1. I'm not painting this...commision is to build only (which is a relief). And not launch ramp as it is for Koptas only and they need a (relatively) flat deck to land on.

  4. Coming along nicely, yes blogger seems to be working a bit weirdly atm, pics take aaaages to load or don't load fully, don't know why though

  5. Cheers for the comments everyone.

    Bit more done today and with what I do tomorrow evening should see another update going up tomorrow night...