Saturday, 1 September 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 12

So the plan was to do an update yesterday but I held off as I wanted to get to a certain point first.

So now, the update...

First up the Multiple Rokkit Launcha. I added the hinge points (which will be hidden later) and added the magnet/washer combo to hold the unit in the open position.

I ended up adding the rear panel as well even though you
can't see it with the unit in place.

Closed / Open - The magnet thankfully easily holds it open.

And with the deck in place:

 At the rear I added in the top plate and detailed up the sides:

And the the more fun bit...

I finished off the front. Detailed up the top of the drivers cab and all along the top surface including the turret area. I decided to offset the turret as it looks more interesting (and Orky) that way.

The upper section was heavily modified. I cut away quite a bit from the front, while also adding back in the angled corners (handily the original pieces I cut off were in my cut off draw).

Which when dropped into place looks like this:


Another 217 added...



  1. You know with the drivers can sticking out like that and looking so round you could actually put a "rudder" under the cab to steer the vehicle. Similar to a tracked war buggy put a separate set of smaller tracks underneath the drivers cab, chimera or battle wagon tracks would work well. Completely unnecessary but very orky and it could look neat.

    As always extremely impressive work.

  2. Hi Rictus, hows things?
    love the wokr you have been doing! all those rivets! how are you not driven insane??

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    As for the rivets driving me mad that would imply I was perfectly sane to begin with.