Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 13

Well I started on the deck.

I cut out two panels of styrene which will be the top and bottom of the deck. The two largest pieces of styrene I have ever had to cut out (I think*)

The bottom one had some panel lines cut into it and was then glued down onto the upper structure. Getting it in the right position was a bugger.

I then used a shed load of 4mm H beams. This was to in the short term strengthen everything and will then give me the thickness of deck required.

The top plate is now being sorted to suit the Rokkit Launcha.

The cutout for the launcha still needs work due to it being a couple of mil off in the one direction.
I cut a section out at the rear of the rokkit launcha, this will remain removable so that the rokkit launcha can be removed if required.

No rivets added. Going to be a couple more days probably working on the deck area before I think about adding more rivets.
The top panel won't be glued in position for some time - I need to build the deck buildings first.
* In hindsight the piece of styrene I cut out for the Necron ship wing I built for the Poisoned Chalice Games Day board was probably bigger.


  1. Man, that just keeps getting better and better - keep up the amazing work, man! Looking forward to seeing what the deck buildings look like!