Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nurgle Helbrute / Dreadnought 4

Not much left to do now...

The only things not glued now are the cover to the left arm and the whole thing to the base.

I decided to stay with the weapons as they are, so we still have a Multi Melta and a close combat arm. I was tempted to convert the CC arm but in the end I stayed with it.

The Multi Melta got hollowed out then Nurglified.

To bring in more varied texture I used LGS on the MM casing. You can still make out the banding, chaos arrows etc but it now has a rough texture which differs from the other textures used.

As you can see the right leg has also been done and now has a foot.

I used my sugar/glue on the front of the leg, along with attacking areas with the dremel as previous. Again bringing in different textures and looks.

The close combat arm has just been attached and gaps filled. Added some texture to the underside of the arm with some LGS.

So still need to do - top of the CC arm and the base. Also need to go round cleaning and touching things up.

After that it will be back to the Karrier...


  1. I still can't believe that you made the cabling out of green stuff. That's amazing!

  2. You need to post this up on the forums. They'd love to see this Nurgley sculpting.

    1. Cheers. Not heard of that forum, will pop along, ta.

  3. That is thoroughly disgusting! ...As it should be. :)

    Spectacular work, Rictus!

  4. I second what Dai said; would love this.
    Awesome work!

  5. Wonderful pose - love it, and the mm looks less tyranidy now :P

    1. Cheers, though the pose is solely down to GW...would be a bugger if I had a second one to do...

  6. Cheers for the comments everyone. All being well tomorrow should see the post showing the finished Helbrute going up.


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