Monday, 3 September 2012

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 6 & Scatter Terrain 12

Well today was always going to be a non-Karrier one, after three days straight on it I needed a break.

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 6

This post though is a bit out of left field. Those who have been following Recalcitrant Daze long enough, or if you have joined recently but gone back through the posts, may remember the Realm of Battle Gaming Board I did. I painted up one set including the extension panels originally. This included replacing all the stupid skull pits with pools of water (which I still need to finish).

However I then picked up a second hand set off ebay. The plan was to modify these a bit more giving much more variety in set up.

The beginning of this was turning the two flat panels into river panels which I started last August.

I got fair way into this before I had to pack them away and get on with other things.

To catch up with what has been done so far CLICK HERE...

So anyway, I have been wanting to look at the boards again ever since then, while I can't spend too much time on them now I did spend sometime today getting them out and planning a few things, namely what to do with the remaining four boards - i.e. the ones with hills on.

First thing I did was have a quick look over the river panels. I decided to give them a quick coat of spray to get rid of the confusion of colours from plastic, GS and Milliput. It helps bring everything together and better shows up gaps and rough areas.

Straigt River Panel

Bendy River Panel

To expand the river I plan to take this hill panel and carve into it a river, with some sort of 'waterfall' cascading down

Not brilliantly clear in the pictures but you can just about make out the course of the river roughly marked on the panel.

So that is one hill panel lined up for conversion, but what about the others I hear you ask...

Well the next plan is to expand one of the hills to allow me to have a longer hill set up...

So the hill on the panel shown above will be increased so the panel can fit between two other hill panels as shown. The one skull pit will becovered with the other one becoming a pool as per the earlier boards.

The shape of the hill is roughly marked on, but this is really just to explain what I am planning - I will design the shape properly as I build it.

The three boards lined up together (bit of an awkward picture I know, should of got one at a better angle).

To make the enlarged hill I will be using some of the foam I have knocking around.

As you can see the heights match up.

I may do the same to another hill, one of the larger ones. I have plenty of foam for the job so I might as well...

Scatter Terrain 12

I gave the Dragons Teeth a coat of grey primer to better show the detail up and to allow me to pick which ones I use.

Annoyingly in these two the rebar still doesn't show up well.

This first one is definately not being picked. The rebar positions are all off:

This one is better (though in the pic looks crap):

As these two are far from perfect I have decided to cast two more without rebar, I will then add the damage like above, i'll then drill holes into the top and insert the rebar, should give me a much better result I think (I hope).

The other six will be considered, though I am going to wait till I redo the two above before picking any to cast.

The two with rebar cast in look decent - though bottom left the rebar is off so again I might redo that one to see if it can be better.

I think that is all for now...

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