Friday, 7 September 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 14

Last update for a few days due to having a very full weekend.

In fact not a lot different but wanted to get something up rather than go four or five days between updates.

Firstly I carried on with the Rokkit area. Still need to do more to this, but I can't do that till the top deck plate is glued on - which won't be for a while.

The three 'pillars' will be mounts for magnets.

In the lift shaft area I did some more plating & added rivets to the one side. Also added a hatch (missed getting a pic of it). The new plates filled the gap that was there, so I know have a snug fit both sides of the lift mechanism wall.

At the front I set about plating up the corner areas and and the area where the deck met the under deck structure...

It is now quite awkward taking pictures of certain areas due to the size of the deck. So I had to grab multiple shots to show everything.

Other corner:

And the under deck joining area:

So a bit more done, the beast slowly grinds towards its finish.

And drum roll...

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