Sunday, 23 September 2012

Scatter Terrain 13

Just about there now with the Dragons Teeth tank traps.

I did a few more casts in plaster and this time added rebar by drilling out holes and fitting the rebar pieces in place. Casting the rebar in was just far to inaccurate.

In the end I had nine masters to work with, including the original 3D printed piece.

Once the mould (above) was done I got casting...

Enough to begin with I think.

Some of them have bases which look a bit rough, this is because I want the heights to vary slightly and also have some slightly kinked over, to show that they weren't all installed perfect. Some will have sunk into the earth more, be out of skew and so on. Because of this I didn't fill the moulds completely for all of them and a few I carved off some material while the resin was only 90% cured.

I also cast a set in plaster (I actually finished off my plaster, need to order some more ASAP). Other than a couple of air bubbles they came out fine - even the one with rebar in, though you can't see that in the pic below.

Going to try and get some of these based and painted soon.

If people are interested I will also look into selling cast sets - let me know if you are interested.

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  1. I've started moving away from plaster and hydrostone given how easily it ends up being damaged (I've noticed the stone slab on one of my bases slowly chipping itself away, sadly).

    Might be an idea to try low expansion insulation foam for cheap stuff, or of course the more expensive resin option.