Saturday, 8 September 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Up to 17 Months.

Another month has passed, much like a like a cold chill running down your spine in tingling anticipation that something horrendous to about to happen.

I am writing this a couple of days early as I won’t be able to write it on the day it will go up, not really important but full disclosure and all that. Just in case something happens in the next two days that makes all this irrelevant and out of date (nuclear strike perhaps?).

So what has the past month been like on RD?

Well mainly Orks its in the form of the Kopta Karrier. By far the majority of my model time this month has been spent on that. It appears to be progressing nicely though there is still a hell of a lot left to do. I’m not even 50% into it yet…

What with my holiday there hasn’t been much else done this month, apart from getting a game in of 6th edition and putting together the Fighta Bomma for it (not finished mind). I hope to get the Dragons Teeth sorted next weekend (this weekend is busy) which will be one job ticked off the ‘to do’ list. I also hope to do a bit of work on the boards as hinted at recently (though my plans have already mutated and blossomed).

One thing that did arrive on the scene this month was Secret Weapon Miniatures releasing the Plasma Generator I designed…

And the page on their store for it can be found here and here.. I am working on my items for them so hopefully in the near future you’ll see more from me.

So we are into September, or Gerstmonath as the Anglo-Saxons used to call it. Doesn’t the year go quick? Unless you are in jail probably, or locked in someone’s cellar. I am assuming it drags a bit in those cases.

This month is of course Games Day UK. It will be the first for a while I won’t be going to and after the disappointment of last year I have to say I am happy to miss it. Though it is a shame I won’t get to see the FW design studio stands and I’ll miss they chance to pick up anything pre-release (but then I would have to enter the sales area to do that and frankly the ‘locked in someone’s cellar’ scenario is more appealing).

Talking of FW I am rather looking forward to the Horus Heresy series from them. So much so in fact that when this showed up yesterday…

…I decided to hold onto all the DA bits in the hope the FW rules for Heresy era Dark Angels live up to my hopes (i.e. better than the DA Codex, though I know that won’t be relevant for long…but I don’t have great expectations for the new DA book either).

Not sure what to do with the Chaos figures yet. I am going to ponder on it. The Dread may get Nurglised and sold on, or kept. I don’t really know.


  1. Mate, I've decided to take wings from the plastic DP and mount them onto my Hellbrute. A small amount of GSing to close the seams and it'll look wicked. I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Sounds interesting. The wings look big enough for him then?

    2. Sorry for the slow reply.

      Definitely they're big enough for him. They're also big enough to mount on the FW Uraka Warfiend, Daemon Prince of Khorne.

  2. Lol I'll take them off your hands dude...

    Oddly I'm converting them all into true scale, and wow it's actually EASY to do with these kits. Something that I think would look awesome too would be to use the hell brute at the basis for making an obliterater. You'd have to cut and chop a bit but honestly it's too easy to work with the hell brute.

    1. That would be one big Obliterator...

      I will have to see what the new Codex book is like, not to mention what FW do in the near future...