Saturday, 25 August 2012

Scatter Terrain 11

Slowly getting back into things post holiday...

I cast up some rebar and then some more Dragons Teeth tank traps in plaster before carving damage into them.

The plan is to use some of these as masters for more casting. I'll pick five or six and do a new mould including the original master, i'll then use this mould to quickly cast multiple sets of tank traps.

Pictures are naff, you can't make out the rebar in some of them.

I'll leave them for a few days to fully dry then give them a coat of grey primer. Once it is a bit more clearer i'll clean up the ones I prefer and do the mould.

The primed versions should be a lot clearer (I hope).

Back on the Karrier tomorrow...


  1. Now I reckon moulds of those are something I could be persuaded to jump all over as part of my "paint an army by Jan" challenge.

    1. Not sure i'll be selling moulds, more likely i'll be offering cast sets for sale instead.

      Will wait till after the mould is done though before deciding.

    2. I'd be happy either way mate, either way.