Sunday, 12 August 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Pre Holiday Post

One final post before I leave for holiday...

6th Edition.

So yesterday I got to play 6th edition for the first time. Overall out impression was positive. It was very much a non-competitive game as the two of us were trying out as many rules as possible. With that in mind I took as many different types of unit I could. Likewise in the game itself we took decisions that we probably wouldn’t do in a regular game just so we could try something else out. Though I should point out for completeness sake I did lose...

As I said overall our impression of the new edition was good. Obviously we need to play far more games to really get a hang of it. New rules such as Warlord Traits and secondary missions passed us by somewhat due to what we rolled and not really keeping them in mind. The new vehicle rules seem a nice balance and no problems spring to mind regarding movement, shooting or assault. Hard to judge the flyer rules though on one flyer in one game.


As mentioned previously my re-prints of the crates and drums have arrived from Shapeways. Unfortunately they are just not good enough to use. When I return from my holiday I will be ordering prints of them from another supplier.

Some pictures of the latest prints...

Don't think I need to point out what lets these prints down.


Do you remember the generator I was working on a while back...?

Well if you do you may also remember me saying I wasn’t going to get the generator and control unit printed due to the quality of prints not being good enough (as highlighted with the pieces above), or rather the quality of prints I could afford to get done.

Circumstances change though...

Those screen shots are taken from Secret Weapon Miniatures latest video live broadcast, which can be found here.

Now I don’t know when the generators will be hitting the Secret Weapon Miniatures webstore but I doubt it will be long. I am quite looking forward to getting my hands on some personally.

And as Justin mentions in the broadcast expect more pieces from me coming from me and Secret Weapon Miniatures in the future.


Once I return I have on my to do list has the following four priorities (in no particular order, and 50/50 chance this list will change):

Tank Traps – damaged versions to be done and cast.

Stores – to be ordered from a different 3D printer company.

Kopta Karrier – continuing to defeat the beast.

Pallets – moulds and casts to do.

From The Spring Offensive
So that is that for now. All being well there should be an update in less than a fortnight.

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  1. Congrats man, the stuff looks good, and it's always exciting for someone to buy up your work.

  2. They do indeed look rather spiffing, I might have to treat myself in the not so near future!

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    The Generator is now up for sale on the Secret Weapon Mini website.