Thursday, 16 June 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Daemon Prince & Decimator

With the football on hobby time is limited...

However I found I could make a start on the Daemon Prince and second Decimator. While I couldn't do much I could wash & clean up the resin and start drilling pieces for pins. Also the actual builds have started.

Daemon Prince 1.

I cleaned the pieces up and glued the upper arms in place.

Both arms were pinned in place. The left arm will be the one which all the weight goes though so I also pinned it at the lower position as it touches the body.

The left hand has had the pin added and the left arm has had a hole ready for it. However I won't be fixing it in position until I make the modifications to the hand. Not sure what these will be yet...I need to turn what is left of the horse into something else for him to grasp hold of.

I took the Jabberslythe wings and made few modifications. The long fingers were too long and interfered with each other and just got in the way. So I cut down the middle and lower fingers. I took the ends and pinned them all in place. Will need a bit of GS but not as much as I feared I would.

I've drilled and added brass pins ready to go. To see how it all goes together I've temporarily glued the wings on. I need to make a few adjustments to the pins now I have them in place. I had to glue them as holding two wings in place by hand is impossible and blu-tac just doesn't want to hold the resin.

'Raaaaaargh' or something like that.

Decimator 7

As with the Prince I washed and cleaned up the Decimator pieces.

To decide on a pose I drilled all of the leg and hip pieces and put in 1mm brass rod. Nothing is glued yet but with some blu tac I was able to pose the legs. I can now add a bit of glue to fix it all in position.

This will obviously all get Nurgled up...

I'm thinking of picking up a couple of 80mm bases for the Decimators. The 60mm ones just looks too small for them. Both the Leviathan and Deredeo dreads use 80mm bases and look the better for it.


  1. I love both these models, so it's greta to see them being used. The decimator is a real favourite, its a shame you don;t see more of them even as a Helbrute proxy. What's worse is in the Freeblade game they're as tall as a Knight! Now that would have been impressive if that's what they'd originally been scaled as.

    1. Wow a decimator as a chaos knight would have been absolutely bonkers perfect!