Monday, 30 March 2015

Zone Mortalis 8 - Back to Basics (Again)

I have been away for a couple of days doing my other hobby.

As such I've not got anything done model wise since the last update on the Junka. However while I was working on that I was able to put together another ZM base and grab pictures of the process as a few people asked me how I did them.

So here we go:

To begin I take a base and drill a crap load of holes. Believe me when I say it is a lot easier using the Dremel than drilling them all by hand as I did on the test bases. All of the holes were increased in size using a knife and then cleaned up. The top surface was sanded.

The objective is to create in essence a 'mesh' that will allow the resin to flow from the top surface to the inside of the base, firmly holding the resin on the top surface in place. You probably don't need as many holes as I do, but I tend to start and just keep going. I make sure there are holes running all round the base near the edge.

Resin is then mixed up and simply poured onto the area where the base is going to go. Enough is put down to cover the area the base will take up. The base is then placed onto the resin. I'm undecided if you need to weigh the base down but I tend to anyway:

Once that resin has cured the weight (if used) is removed and more resin is mixed up and poured into the base. Once this has cured you get a base as shown below right.

When carefully removed from the mould you have a lot of excess resin. With cutters, a knife and sand paper this excess can be removed, resulting in the result on the right.

The base will need a bit of clean up with GS but otherwise the base is now done.


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