Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mekboy Junka 32

I should stop saying things like 'expect more updates soon' as it always leads to no updates appearing.

Despite real life interfering I have got more done on the SAG turret...

I have since found a third Runtherd bit, I may swap out the Tesla coil for that. Will have to see what it looks like first.

The flat surface below the SAG will get a Mek glyph.

The hatch will get a handle later.

Still a lot to do on the turret, cables & more gubbinz plus a few more other details. Not too mention more rivets.

I also need to add something on the back for the Snotlings (aka "ammo") to be kept in.


  1. Even now, after all these years of seeing your work mate, I still can't understand how you've not topped yourself at the thought of doing more rivets.

    1. Well spending all that time doing rivets keeps me off the streets.

      Which is best for everyone.

  2. I wonder what you intend to add in the back to house the snotling

    1. That is a very good question...and the answer is I don't know yet. I'll most likely come up with something as I build it (like most of the vehicle...)