Sunday 22 March 2015

Recalcitrant Daze - The First Five Hundred

Well here we are, the 500th post on Recalcitrant Daze has arrived.

Who would have thought all those (four) years ago we would reach such a milestone, we've cried, we've loved, we've been bored, we've wondered what the hell is going on.

Inspired by the BBC it stands at the time of writing here is Recalcitrant Daze in Numbers...

415439 Page Views.
1443 Days.
500 Posts.

The temptation is to do a ‘look back’ type of post attempting to cover everything that has appeared. But to be honest I'm not particularly inclined to do that as it would take a sodding age.

Instead I am going to put up my ‘to do’ list as it will show what you are likely to see in the next 500 posts on RD. This is in no particular order, just as I think of them.

  • ·         Nurgle Daemons – Finish painting the army (maybe a new GUO to come...?). Second Decimator yet to be converted and built as well.
  • ·         Horus Heresy Deathguard – Currently languishing in a box.
  • ·         Chaos Renegade Militia Infantry – Build and post out to be painted (hello Sheep). Vets to be finished off and cast up, along with the Rough Riders. Need to re-organise for the IA13 list.
  • ·         Chaos Renegade Militia Vehicles – Finish them off and paint. Also there is a certain Chaos Warhound Titan still waiting patiently in a box...
  • ·         Zone Mortalis Orks – 1000 point force to build and paint. Dreads and Kans are basically done, the Mega Nobz are yet to be built.
  • ·         Zone Mortalis Adeptus Mechanicum – 1000 point for or the crazy buggers from Mars. One for the future (though I already have the Thallax).
  • ·         Zone Mortalis Board – Paint. There is a lot to paint. Joy.
  • ·         Terrain – Realm of Battle boards to finish (river panels for a start), Trees to paint up. Scatter Terrain, such as the pallets for Zone Mortalis to do.
  • ·         Dark Future – Cars and Bikes to build & paint.
  • ·         Dreadball – Robot team to finish off.
  • ·         3D Modelling/Printing – More items to do including the shipping container, also thinking about a missile silo. More terrain pieces and possible vehicle conversion bits.
  • ·         Aeronautica Imperialis – Some of the planes and ground targets are in need of a revamp.
  • ·         Aeronautica Imperialis Terrain – I went in on an Indiegogo campaign and this lot should be arriving sometime soon.
  • ·         Epic – Erm, yeah. Stuff in boxes to do.
  • ·         War Altar of Nurgle – Still WIP sitting in a box.
  • ·         Weirdboy Battle Tower – Still WIP sitting in a box...
  • ·         Inq28 – I still want to do some conversions for an Inquisitorial warband.
  • ·         Confrontation – The precursor to Necromunda. Always thought it looked a far more interesting game, so would like to do a gang for that.

I've forgotten some things, I just know I have - but I don't know what. I'll remember no doubt shortly.

Alas that list doesn't really sum up just how much there is to do as some of those items would break down into lists just as long as the first list.

I have now taken the decision that the Junka will be the last commission for a while. When I have so many projects of my own I simply can’t afford the time. Unless I charge a small fortune it just isn't worth it.

What I really want to do is close out some of the started projects and get some of those items crossed off my list. I find myself adding things to the list far more often than taking them off.

I think that is long enough for this post.

To finish I just want to thank all those who have decided to follow this blog. I never thought I would see as many people care enough to follow what I do. Also to all those who take the time to comment on any posts, it is always appreciated. I do try and reply to all comments, but there will always be some I don’t get round to but I will apologise to anyone who I may have missed. And finally thanks also go to those who have added Recalcitrant Daze to the blog rolls on their blogs.

PS - Next up will be more Junka. I've been busy this weekend with a guest staying over, so no hobby time. But in the week it will be back to the Orky build.


  1. Congrats on the big 500! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your last 500 posts, and look forward to the next 500 - keep up the great work, man!

  2. I've been chasing you for atleast a year for those renegades, so I'm certain I'll get them some time in 2017.

    Congrats on 500 posts mate, the consistency and content are always something to look forward to when they pop up in the blog roll

    1. Yeah yeah. The longer I make you wait the more you'll be delighted when they arrive...


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