Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mekboy Junka 33

This week has been pretty crap. Work has been a bitch so I've had very little time to do anything.

However what time I have managed has gone onto the Junka SAG turret. It may not look like it has progressed a lot but there is about 3-4 hours work gone into just this turret.

Still need a few details and also the remaining two prongs of the SAG. The Snotling tank is also missing, but I have made a start...

Everything put together including the WIP Snotling tank.

More to do. I am away this weekend but next week I hope to get the turret finished along with the remaining hull details (like that blank bit on the front). Still have the spikes on the Rolla to do.

Hopefully I'm now on the final run to getting this finished...


  1. So ridiculously awesome Rictus! That is amzing and such a phenomenal amount of work!

  2. I do love watching these crazy things come together. Keep at it - I think it needs more rivets!!!!

    1. Thanks...but I can do without doing more rivets...i'll be happy not to do any more for several months after this is finished.