Friday, 20 March 2015

Zone Mortalis 7 - Back to Basics

This past week I have had very little spare time due to being on a course for work.

So all I've been able to do is start putting together some bases for my "soon-to-be-done" Ork force.

I wanted bases that actually matched the Zone Mortalis board.

To begin I did a bit of experimenting by knocking up a small mould of the top surface of one of the flat ZM board panel.

From that I could knock out a few 40mm bases.

The 'spots' you can see are holes I cut through the base. This allows the resin to not just sit on the top surface of the base but also to flood into it and lock it in place. Without that the resin would far too easily peel off from the plastic.

Each base I did had more holes.

Once undercoated I was pretty happy with the results.

So much so I recycled the first mould and did a larger one allowing 60mm bases to be done and also to give more variety.

The first two I did was another 40mm one and the first 60mm, this time covering the large vent on the flat ZM boards.

And with a Deff dread in place...

That large one was a bit of a pain. Due to the vent I ended up with some thin sections of resin round the edge, in a few places they came off and have to be super glued back in place. For the bases done after that one I put a series of holes close to the edge so help secure any detail near the edge.

Since then I've knocked up a few more bases:

The all need a bit of clean up work (and GS probably) but otherwise I think the end results are pretty decent.

(In case anyone is tempted to ask I won't be selling these, I'm doing them just for my own army).


  1. Great bases!! The final result is perfect, imho.

  2. I can't quite get my head round the process of how these are made. As the resin is liquid are you pushing the bases onto the mold with the resin between and that forces the resin into the holes? Or is it somehow being poured on top? They look amazing though.

    1. Both, resin onto the mould with the base then put into it, when that has started to cure more resin is poured into the base itself. I'll do another post later to show te process.

    2. I was wondering this too so will be interested in the follow up post.

  3. Delightful work, especially the 60mm vent base. Even the plain photograph looks positively artistic!

  4. Such a great bit of work, I mean how could you theme your ZM companion forces bases better! I am curious how the initial ZM floor tile case is done, do you just cast directly off the ZM floor tile?

  5. Apologies, I have just found a load of comments that hadn't been published or been notified about.

    I just built a wall of plasticene onto a ZM tile and poured rubber into it to give me a mould to then cast upon.


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