Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 1

So here is the first update on the push to get the Militia Infantry built.

My plan is to chip away unit by unit, and here are the first three done...


All six now based. Had to do a little repair work, most notably on the guy below whose weapon had snapped off. I originally tried to get an improvised weapon in place - namely a length of chain but I couldn't open up the hand enough to get one to fit (the risk of breaking the thumb off was too great to open up the hole up more), so in the end I went for a large knife.

Rogue Psykers.

Not much required for these other than cleaning them up and basing them. Decided to use one of the resin bases I cast up an age ago for the one guy.

Infantry Command Squad.

The first twenty man squad is done. Plenty of gap filling required and a little clean up here and there.

The icon got repaired and is back on the pole.

Updated Tracker Sheet...

Next up is another 20 man unit - Infantry Squad A. Alas there is a bit more work involved with those so give me to the end of the week for the next update.


  1. There is an issue with enforcers and rogue psykers in the renegades army list unfortunately. You can't take both in a standard battle forged list unless you make your arch demagogue a rogue witch as you can only take 2 HQ chives and one needs to be your command squad. It's not a reason to not take them, just food for thought.

    I've had a hard time using enforcers. I normally run a master of the horde and try to take two enforcers with stim injectors in 30 man squads of renegades with covenant of khorne. The problem is that I rarely get the charge off, so having rage isn't too worthwhile. And they cost about 60 points when the whole squad is only 145 or so, so it's pricey to do.

    But I still do it for theme. I wish the enforcers could have a covenant.

    I need to start posting pics of that army again.

    1. Yeah I know, I won't be fielding both, just the Enforcers except in larger Apoc games etc where I can chuck everything down on the board.

      I like the look of Enforcers and like the feel of having them in an army so i'll be sticking with them.

      The IA13 list is great with lots of good things, but I have to admit there are a few niggles that can be annoying and frustrating especially in the FOC slots.

  2. I don't know much about the army composition, but this is one good looking unit of characters!


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