Friday, 30 November 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Bit o' this, bit o' that.

Been ill most of this week which came to a head over the last couple of days. As such it will be tomorrow at the earliest before I have an update of substance. I thought I'd throw a mini 'monthly post' tonight, just to keep my eye in.

So tonight's post covers a number of subjects/projects. It is like a TV Magazine show, basically it looks like there is a lot there but when you think about it at the end of the show they filled the 30 minutes with absolutely nothing worth watching.

Anyway, onto the post 'substance'.

1. Nurgle.

The only thing I have managed to do over the last couple of days is add some of the branches to the tree. This involved plenty of glue, crossing fingers then a lot of GS.

Still need to add some more branches and then clean up/finish off GS.

2. Nurgle Part 2

I had a slight accident. And by accident I mean I put a bid in on an ebay auction thinking I would never win with the bid I entered. However I did win. An accident anyone can happen to them.

To cut a short story even shorter, meet Bob:

I shall love him and cherish him and squeeze him and spread highly contagious disease's with him...
So yeah, accidents do happen. In one fell swoop I doubled the points value of the Nurgle force. He has a wonky horn (don't we all?) but otherwise is in great shape. Will strip him, rebuild and base before giving him a new paintjob. Already got ideas for the base...but Drone comes first.

3. Kopta Karrier.

The next job to do on this is the Deff Arsenal. I have some bits for the weapons, namely these:

So we have the big gun from the Necron Barge thing, nicely ties in with the sponson guns. Either side of that we have the two parts of the main gun from the FW Kill Blasta. These will be combined with some other bits in a single turret. However not sure how to do the turret yet, namely the shape to go for. I am mulling over it and hope to start building tomorrow.

4. Movember over at Dave Taylor.

Dave Taylor has joined in with the Movember campaign. Today is the last day, so why not pop over to his blog Here, as if you don't have the link saved already and make a quick donation. You never know the couple of quid you donate today may save your balls tomorrow...

5. ebay clear out.

As mentioned previously I am trying to clear out all of the stuff that is sitting in boxes doing nout but taunt me with their dire state of incompleteness.

Currently on ebay are a load of Ork pieces including unbuilt trukks, Black Reach Boyz/Nobz and Koptas, Stormboyz and Burna Boyz. If you are interested in a bargain have a look here.

Those auctions end Sunday.

More will be going up on ebay this sunday, these include...
a. My Decimator Super Heavy Tank - A Shadowsword conversion before GW did the plastic SS kit.
b. My converted Salamander, I modified it so it can be used as either the Scout of Command version, and also gave the crew a little ladder to get in and out:


c. My Destroyer Tank Hunter I converted from a Russ many years ago...

d. And this is quite painful, an unbuilt Marauder Destroyer. So lovely, and so not ever going to be built by me.

So pretty, Just so pretty...
e. An unbuilt GW plastic Ork Bommer still on sprue.

Think that is is. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in any of the above. They will be on ebay help pay for the next batch of things to sit in boxes.

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