Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 22

Only a small update tonight, partly due to real life (TM) and partly due to procrastination.

So I am looking at the Deff Arsenal and the turret. The desire is to make the turret big enough to mount all of the weapons yet keep it as small as possible. For this reason the basic shape will be circular.

First picture I think of the mock up superstructure on the styrene deck. The forward structure will be where the turret sits.

I did a very quick mockup to get the size of turret sorted, not set in concrete, just to give me a guide for when I start building it properly.

The guns where just stuck in to see if they would fit in a turret this size. There would also be some rokkits somewhere - probably in launch tubes on the side.

While the front of the turret will be squared off the round rear allows me to maximise the size without the turret hitting the building behind as it turns.

The base piece will not be as tall, height will be trimmed by 5mm. The shape will also change, the mockup just gives an impression of the shape and size. I am currently thinking of having the  turret drop into a recess into the structure which will be attached to the deck.

Above is an alternative set up for the guns allowing the turret to be slightly shorter in height.

Below is the Necron gun thingy after it has been looted - though it isn't finished yet.

Now not many rivets have been added, but as we have passed a landmark number I shall do an update on it today anyway.


  1. loving the rivet count =)
    that thing looks huuuge! by the time you've finished it you could probably have a decent small skirmish game on its deck.

  2. Looking great so far - looking forward tot the finished product!

  3. Cheers for the comments. Updates soon I hope.